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Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) (formerly Australians for an Ecologically Sustainable Population) is an Australian special advocacy group, founded in Canberra in 1988, that seeks to establish an ecologically sustainable human population. SPA an ecological group dedicated to preserving species' habitats globally and in Australia from the degradation caused by human population growth. It works on many fronts to encourage informed public debate about how Australia and the world can achieve an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable population.

SPA's local activities are run by its 6 state brances: ACT, NSW, SA & NT, Vic & Tas, Qld and WA. Some branches hold regular meetings but the main link between members is the Newsletter, produced four times a year. This provides members with information and expert opinion to rebut the many myths about sustainability and population that one hears in conversation or sees in the press.


  • To contribute to public awareness of the limits of Australian population growth from ecological, social and economic viewpoints.
  • To promote awareness that the survival of an ecologically sustainable population depends on its renewable resource base.
  • To promote policies that will lead to the stabilisation, and then to reduction, of Australia's population by encouraging low fertility and low migration.
  • To promote urban and rural lifestyles and practices that are in harmony with the realities of the Australian environment, its resource base and its biodiversity.
  • To advocate low immigration rates while rejecting any selection based on race.
  • To help promote policies that will lead to the stabilisation, then reduction of global population.


SPA's activities are directed by our Strategic Plan which is linked to below in the Key Documents section. The plan was initially drafted in November 2011 and is continuously updated. It is maintained by a subcommittee of the National Executive.

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