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Author of CSIRO population study to speak in Sydney tomorrow (Apr)


Apr 9, 2003

Barney Foran, co-author of the landmark study of the economy and life quality according to different populations, will address a public meeting at the Australian Museum in Sydney tomorrow (Thursday 10 April).

The study, called "Future Dilemmas", modelled three different population scenarios for Australia for 2050. It was commissioned by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs who collaborated in the study along with than 500 experts from a wide variety of fields.

The study's publication was delayed but a Four Corners program last year finally prompted its launch by the Department.

"Future Dilemmas" refers to six dilemmas that link population policy, ageing, physical trade, material flows, greenhouse emissions, natural resource depletion and environmental quality.

  • Dilemma one is that high immigration can off-set ageing and declining birth-rates in a proportional sense, but absolute numbers of aged will continue to rise
  • Dilemma two is that expanding populations require more imports and consume more domestic production leaving less for export
  • Dilemmas three (material flows) and four (greenhouse gas emissions) are linked to two as physical trade expands to pay for imports of investment funds and personal consumption requirements
  • Dilemma five is that domestic requirements and trade activities will inevitably cause the overuse of agricultural soils, marine fisheries and domestic supplies of oil and gas
  • Dilemma six is that environmental quality issues such as urban air quality and river quality and biodiversity are destined to decline unless radical solutions are found for the other dilemmas.

Barney Foran will speak at a public meeting on 'Where to from here?' at the Australian Museum (William Street entrance) at 6.30pm on Thursday 10 April.

Further information:

Jenny Goldie (SPA National Director) Ph: 0401 921 453, 02 6235 5488

Barney Foran (normally 02 6242 1710) will not be contactable until the meeting.