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How big for Sydney?

An important public meeting for concerned Sydney residents

Guest speakers:

Come and ask your own questions:
2 pm, Saturday November 8, Glebe Town Hall

- Should Sydney residents have a voice in how big their city gets?
- What are the risks associated with adding another 3.5 million people to Sydney?
- Do developers and big business have too much influence on state and federal                
- Is it possible to plan successfully in a city growing by 1,500 people per week?
- Why are sprawl and high density presented as the only options?
- Will a population of 8 million transform Sydney into a vibrant global hub or spoil     
  a city that was once a fantastic place to live?
- Are extreme levels of housing unaffordability placing an unfair burden on our city's    
  young people?
- What will be the impacts upon our surrounding native flora and fauna?

This is a free event but registration is requested, visit
Presented by Sustainable Population Australia