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Connect with SPA online discussions

SPA has three up-to-date and convenient forums for you to discuss and learn about population related issues, news and events.  One of these is for SPA Members only – another good reason to join SPA.  Rules of courtesy and relevance always apply.

1)  Our official Facebook News Page presents SPA to the wider world.  Continuously updated with the latest news on population issues and to connect people to our local activities.
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2)  Our Sustainable Population Australia Discussion Group is open to the public at large as well as Members. It is a closed group meaning you need a Facebook account and then request to join us - as thousands already have!  You can comment on other’s articles and are welcome to add your own hot topics on this Facebook platform. (We need more admins, so make yourself known there if you’d like to help.)

3)  Member PopForum - Member PopForum - is an email-based discussion group for Members only. It is very active with SPA enthusiasts and is a great way to keep up-to-date about the latest media articles, research studies and debates. Ideal for writers, academics, researchers, public speakers or just the keenly interested - you won’t be disappointed.  Presents leading, wide-ranging opinion from Australia and the world daily, discussed in depth. 
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