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Australians wary of 36m population target - ABC - April 8

A survey by the Lowy Institute says almost three-quarters of Australians want to see the country's population grow, but not by too much. The Lowy Institute surveyed more than 1,000 people last month and found that while there is support for increased immigration, Australians are not quite prepared to embrace the Government's prediction that the nation will reach 36 million people by 2050.

September 16 2011

Australians want population kept at or below 30m, Lowy Institute poll finds - April 8

TWO-thirds of Australians don't want the country's population to reach 36 million by 2050, as forecast by Treasury, an opinion poll shows.

September 16 2011

Regional Australia could be population winner - April 9

REGIONAL communities could be the winners if the Government's new focus on population pressures focuses on the right mix of tax reforms and incentives to encourage more businesses and people to live and work in country Australia.

September 16 2011

On population and productivity - April 9 - Business Spectator

Rebecca Weisser at The Oz has outdone herself with a selection of excellent op-eds on population and productivity. Although, as I remarked several days ago, The Oz was well behind its online rival, Crikey, in invigorating the national population debate.

September 16 2011

Australia’s Population and Immigration Debate Hots Up - April 10

Want to know more about immigration to Australia? this is the website to visit.

September 16 2011

The big country takes a lean turn - April 11

The appointment of a Minister for Population has sparked a debate on how many people Australia can support. Matthew Moore and Yuko Narushima report.

September 16 2011

Abbott wants more babies, fewer people

TONY ABBOTT hopes a Coalition government's family-friendly policies will boost Australia's birth rate but at the same time says projected population increases - fuelled by a baby boom and high immigration - are not sustainable.

September 16 2011

Irish could be in firing line as debate on immigration heats up - April 10

The number (of backpacker visas) issued to Irish people aged 18 to 30 rose by one-third, to 22,788 in the year to June 30th last, from 17,120 the previous year. Many Irish people will be watching the outcome of Australia’s election later this year very closely.

September 16 2011

The biggest game in town - April 10

THE key to Australia's new population debate is the transformation of our immigration program during the past decade into a more flexible, globalised and far larger intake that has shattered the certitudes of the old system.

September 16 2011

New population minister Tony Burke flips on population target for 2050

KEVIN Rudd's new Population Minister will not set a population target.

September 16 2011