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That's 100 failures by Julia's logic - April 11

ANOTHER boat on the way, another policy failure,\ is how deputy prime minister Julia Gillard characterised the flow of people smugglers' vessels when she was in Opposition on April 23, 2003. Seven years later, Labor has been in office for two-and-a-half years, and the spate of unlawful boat arrivals has mounted to more than 105 vessels since the Rudd Government introduced its watered down tough-but-humane approach.

September 16 2011

Tony Burke to check push for growth

THE nation's first population minister has backed Kevin Rudd's call for a "Big Australia", but says growth must be controlled in areas where the country has reached capacity.

September 16 2011

Migration can end worldwide poverty - April 7

The migration debate being played out with a view to reducing the influx of foreigners is a sure sign of the parochial and small-minded nature of political and social discourse.

September 16 2011

People problem inflated - April 9

Politicians and the public are in danger of misplaced panic over population.

September 16 2011

Opposition signals it is all at sea on immigration - April 11

HE HAS been spruiking the idea for days, but opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison now admits cutting the migration intake is not Coalition policy.

September 16 2011

Think there's a problem? Rest easy, we've got a minister for it - April 9

Kevin Rudd is no Big Brother. If anything, he's a nerdy little brother who happened to make it big. But this week's announcement of Australia's first Minister for Population, Tony Burke, had more than a tinge of the propagandistic about it.

September 16 2011

Bring on the population debate - April 8

The politics of the current population debate are not hard to read.

September 16 2011

More people in an ailing infrastructure won't make a big country - April 9

THE key to quality of life for Australian families and communities during the coming four decades is not a population of 36 million, as Kevin Rudd advocates, but carefully managed sustainable growth. A random declaration of bigness is no substitute for a planned vision of a sustainable Australia.

September 16 2011

Ageing Australia: PM's $739m boost - April 12

A new aged-care funding package will tackle "pressure points" in the system, and look to expand it for the future, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says. Mr Rudd today outlined the $739 million, four-year plan in Brisbane. In a statement, the government said the plan was the base for further structural reforms, and flagged a future announcement on aged care nurses.

September 16 2011

Nurses say aged care package will worsen crisis - April 12

Nurses have rejected Labor's $739 million aged-care package, declaring it will make a bad situation even worse because there is no new funding for additional nurses. The package includes funding for 5000 aged-care places and millions for additional GP care for the elderly.

September 16 2011