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As rest of Japan shrinks, Tokyo population tops 13 million for the first time

The population of Japan's capital — one of the biggest cities in the world — has surpassed 13 million for the first time. Tokyo counted 13.01 million residents as of April 1, up 0.5 percent from the same month a year earlier, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said Wednesday. The growth contrasts with the overall demographic trend in Japan, where people have long lifespans and stubbornly low birth rates. The result is a shrinking population and tax base that threaten to undermine the world's second-biggest economy.

September 16 2011

Long-hated one-child rule may be eased in China - April 24

DAFENG, China — When asked why she and her husband don't want a second child, Shi Xiaomei smiles at her pudgy 9-year-old son and does a quick tally of the family budget. Her salary as a cleaning lady and the income from a mahjong parlor in their spare room barely cover their son's school fees and other expenses. "With just one, we can give him nicer things. But if you tried to split what we have between two or three, they would all end up with nothing," the 34-year-old says at her home in Dafeng, a prosperous but still-rural county 185 miles (300 kilometers) north of Shanghai.

September 16 2011

Shame on you, Generation Excess (September 6, 2008)

SMH Garry Egger - Baby boomers practised scorched earth gluttony, and now the rest must pay the price, writes Garry Egger

September 16 2011

Population pressure grows on Great Ocean Road

Geelong Advertiser

September 16 2011

Will limiting population solve the climate crisis?

Green Left Weekly

September 16 2011

Climate Change: Too many people?

Green Left Weekly

September 16 2011

Kelvin Thompson at Vic SPA

Kelvin Thompson, Federal MP for Wills, recently gave the keynote address at SPA Victoria's AGM entitled The Population Issue in Australa - Post Population Strategy.

September 14 2011

High-density housing reflects dense government thinking

We should start out by making it clear that we have no issue with anyone that prefers living in a high-density area or with the free market construction of buildings to fulfill this preference. The issue we have is with the enforced imposition of high density housing upon the bulk of Australians that don’t want it.

August 24 2011

Carbon pollution plans will fail because of population growth

On World Population Day, 11 July, the National President of Sustainable Population Australia, said the Australian Government's announced target of a 5 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by 2020 would be 'useless' by 2020 because of Australia’s continuing population growth. 

Ms Kanck said it seemed to be beyond the intellect of both Government and Greens MPs to understand that more people means more carbon pollution. 

July 25 2011

Govt. policy is 'Titanic deck chair solution' - SPA President


Gillard and Burke on bow of TitanicThe results of the Government’s consultation on a population strategy for Australia show that the process was only ever for show, SPA President, Sandra Kanck, said on 13 May following the strategy's release by Minister Tony Burke.

May 13 2011