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What if we raise the plank - April 10

The decision by the NSW Labor government to discourage migrants a decade ago has proved to be a sign of what would happen if the whole nation did likewise

September 16 2011

Resources boom sounds a warning to immigration sceptics - April 10

OUR new population debate confirms the urgent need to convince Australians they will benefit from the new mining boom prosperity. Building a new economic growth consensus should be a central task for Kevin Rudd's new Population Minister Tony Burke and his bureaucratic support in Treasury.

September 16 2011

Growing pains trouble Rudd in Big Australia - April 10

Australia is now in what passes for a "debate" about the size of its population. But would you define this as a debate?

September 16 2011

When size matters: populate or perish scenarios - April 10

SINCE the 1904 Royal Commission into the Decline of the Birth Rate in NSW, there have been many attempts to work out what size population would best serve the county. Among the most recent was the 2002 CSIRO study for the Department of Immigration which explored the future effect of three population/immigration scenarios on the environment, the physical economy, national infrastructure and quality of life to 2050.

September 16 2011

Immigration spike only a statistical illusion - April 10

THE recent spike in immigration numbers is at least partly due to a pen stroke -- a change in the way the Australian Bureau of Statistics calculates its figures.

September 16 2011

Open borders a well-meant road to chaos -

Free passage of people may be a liberal ideal but democracy gets in the way

September 16 2011

Stagnant Sydney set to pack in arrivals - Arpil 10

MELBOURNE and Brisbane have accommodated more new residents, and at a faster rate, than Sydney since 2001 -- leaving room for the nation's largest city to take a greater share of Australia's population increase over coming decades.

September 16 2011

Roy Morgan Research - Population and Immigration April 8 2010

Only 10% of Australians want a Population of 35 Million+ by 2040. While 64% of Australians want Asylum seekers arriving by boat, To be returned and told to apply through normal refugee channels Finding No. 4482 - These are the main insights from the special Roy Morgan telephone survey conducted on the evenings of March 16/17, 2010, with an Australia-wide cross-section of 670 men and women aged 14 or over.

September 16 2011

Australians wary of 36m population target - ABC - April 8

A survey by the Lowy Institute says almost three-quarters of Australians want to see the country's population grow, but not by too much. The Lowy Institute surveyed more than 1,000 people last month and found that while there is support for increased immigration, Australians are not quite prepared to embrace the Government's prediction that the nation will reach 36 million people by 2050.

September 16 2011

Australians want population kept at or below 30m, Lowy Institute poll finds - April 8

TWO-thirds of Australians don't want the country's population to reach 36 million by 2050, as forecast by Treasury, an opinion poll shows.

September 16 2011