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Regional labour shortages to dictate the pattern of population growth, says Burke - April 9

KEVIN Rudd's new Population Minister has ruled out setting a national population target but says he may establish "regional" population projections. Tony Burke said the government would focus on directing people to areas where there were chronic labour shortages.

September 16 2011

More people in an ailing infrastructure won't make a big country - April 9

THE key to quality of life for Australian families and communities during the coming four decades is not a population of 36 million, as Kevin Rudd advocates, but carefully managed sustainable growth. A random declaration of bigness is no substitute for a planned vision of a sustainable Australia.

September 16 2011

Population rise strains services - April 8

A surging population in regional centres around Canberra is set to place additional pressure on already strained infrastructure such as roads and town water supplies.

September 16 2011

The Liberals’ problem: population’s popular - April 8

The coalition’s internal policy process is continuing to malfunction and is continuing to damage the Liberals’ relationship with its key business constituency.

September 16 2011

Women don't want a bigger population - April 14

SEVEN in 10 people want a "House Full" sign hung on Australia's front door, with women and Queenslanders leading the charge. (Monash Survey Results)

September 16 2011

Majority oppose population growth: survey - April 14

MORE than two-thirds of Australian voters do not embrace population growth, according to a national survey of social attitudes. When asked ''Do you think Australian needs more people?'' an overwhelming 69 per cent answered negatively - and voters in Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's home state of Queensland were most opposed.

September 16 2011

Living the high life or just skyscraping by? - April 10

FROM the ground, Melbourne's CBD makes sense. The Hoddle grid provides order, the heritage buildings and shadowy laneways lend it character and soaring skyscrapers give a sense of a busier metropolis.

September 16 2011

Rainwater users warned of lead risk - April 10

PEOPLE who drink from their rainwater tanks may be consuming unacceptable levels of lead, a study says.

September 16 2011

Abbott wants more babies, fewer people - April 10

TONY ABBOTT hopes a Coalition government's family-friendly policies will boost Australia's birth rate but at the same time says projected population increases - fuelled by a baby boom and high immigration - are not sustainable.

September 16 2011

Zoos can help transmit a message of hope for wildlife, climate - April 3

THE term climate change is misleading. The world's climate has always changed, but what is different this time around is the extent of the human plague and its blind pursuit of life's comforts. This disrupts the fragile balance that maintains our exquisite and magical planet, and creates climatic disorder and chaos.

September 16 2011