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Is a nine billion tonne hamster too big?

POPULATION growth beyond a certain point is the equivalent to a hamster that keeps growing beyond maturity, according to Professor Garry Egger, author of Planet Obesity: How we are eating ourselves and our planet to death.Professor Egger, Professor of Lifestyle Medicine at Southern Cross University, writes that "from birth to maturity a hamster doubles its weight each week...“If, then, instead of levelling off in maturity as animals (and all growing systems) do, the hamster continues to double its weight each week, on its first birthday we would be facing a nine billion tonne hamst

September 7 2010

Public meeting on population explosion at Wyndham

Residents of Wyndham, a municipality 36km south-west of Melbourne whose population has nearly tripled from 50,000 to 140,000 over the past 20 years, discussed their city's population explosion at a public meeting on 7 September 2010.The meeting was addressed by well-known advocate for a sustainable population, Labor MP Kelvin Thomson, and by Jane Nathan, President of the Australian Population Institute. The meeting was entitled Sustainable Population and Wyndham’s Population Explosion – from the ‘country suburb’ to the ‘rooftop suburb’?

September 2 2010

Melbourne "growing for the sake of growing"

On 23 August, The Sydney Morning Herald published an article by journalist Paul  Sheehan under the headline "The Yarra Monster is killing us". The article quoted Professor Bob Birrell, Monash University demographer, as describing Melbourne as a "parasite economy".

August 29 2010

Population Puzzle - a shock when he joined the dots


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August 17 2010

Yale's teach yourself course on global population growth

Yale University has recorded a highly-recommended course introducing students to basic material on human fertility, population growth, the demographic transition and population policy. Topics include:

August 6 2010

Victorian Branch - President's Report July 22nd 2010

The Victorian government in its eagerness to squeeze population growth into our city and surrounds devised an amendment to the planning act to allow development to occur on the sacrosanct Green Wedges, a new tax on tax land holders in previously rural zones on sale of land and to provide for high rise development along transport routes

July 30 2010

Summary of Lateline Debate - Government, Opposition face off over population"

Tony Jones opened by saying that Mark Latham had belled the cat by pointing out that you can't propose to limit population unless you can limit immigration. So why wouldn't the government promise to limit immigration?  Jones to his credit kept the debate on population and immigration rather than sliding across onto asylum-seekers in the way for which Q&A is notorious.

July 25 2010

SBS screens "How many people can live on planet Earth?"

THE MOST important documentary shown on Australian TV since Dick Smith's Population Puzzle - that's Sir David Attenborough's brilliant hour-long special How many people can live on planet Earth?

July 25 2010

High-density housing reflects dense government thinking

We should start out by making it clear that we have no issue with anyone that prefers living in a high-density area or with the free market construction of buildings to fulfill this preference. The issue we have is with the enforced imposition of high density housing upon the bulk of Australians that don’t want it.


July 25 2010