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High-density housing reflects dense government thinking

We should start out by making it clear that we have no issue with anyone that prefers living in a high-density area or with the free market construction of buildings to fulfill this preference. The issue we have is with the enforced imposition of high density housing upon the bulk of Australians that don’t want it.

August 24 2011

Carbon pollution plans will fail because of population growth

On World Population Day, 11 July, the National President of Sustainable Population Australia, said the Australian Government's announced target of a 5 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by 2020 would be 'useless' by 2020 because of Australia’s continuing population growth. 

Ms Kanck said it seemed to be beyond the intellect of both Government and Greens MPs to understand that more people means more carbon pollution. 

July 25 2011

Govt. policy is 'Titanic deck chair solution' - SPA President


Gillard and Burke on bow of TitanicThe results of the Government’s consultation on a population strategy for Australia show that the process was only ever for show, SPA President, Sandra Kanck, said on 13 May following the strategy's release by Minister Tony Burke.

May 13 2011

UN names 31 October as Day of Seven Billion

The UN Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) has chosen 31 October as the day on which it estimates world population will reach 7 billion – just over 12 years since the Day of Six Billion, on 12 October 1999.

UNFPA is planning a series of events publicise the milestone, including a social media campaign starting on World Population Day, 11 July, and a seven-day countdown starting on 24 October. 

May 4 2011

British PM outlines immigration cuts

david cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron has outlined his Government’s plans to return UK immigration levels to “where they were in the 1980s and 90s”. 

In a keynote speech to Conservative Party members on 14 April, Mr Cameron said annual immigration would be reduced from “hundreds of thousands every year” to “the order of tens of thousands”. 

May 1 2011

Attenborough: why the taboo on population?

David AttenboroughBROADCASTER and naturalist Sir David Attenborough has questioned the ‘strange silence’ about population growth in public debate, and urged members of environmental organisations to discuss the subject openly and often.

In a speech to the Royal Society of Arts in London on 10 March, hosted by its president, the Duke of Edinburgh, Sir David said there seemed to be some 'bizarre taboo’ around population.

March 4 2011

SPA submission lodged on population issues paper

Issues paper coverTHE NATIONAL President of Sustainable Population Australia, Hon Sandra Kanck, has urged that Australia should cease growing its population as soon as possible, pending a check that the nation is living sustainably.  

December 18 2010

SPA submissions on Murray Darling Basin

Lake Albert in Wagga, NSWThe Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) last year released its proposed 'Basin Plan' ( to manage water extraction in the Murray-Darling Basin. According to the MDBA:

December 13 2010

SPA mourns the loss of a "Beautiful Man"

Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) is mourning the loss yesterday of its beloved Patron, Professor Frank Fenner AC, CMG, MBE, FRS, FAA who died aged 95.

National President of SPA, Ms Sandra Kanck, said those who knew Professor Fenner described him as a "beautiful man". For many scientists in our organisation and beyond, he was the ultimate role model.

November 25 2010

Higher power costs the result of population growth – MP

MELBOURNE'Selectricity prices have more than doubled in real terms over the past ten years, and will only become more expensive as population increases, Melbourne federal MP Kelvin Thomson said at a recent public forum at Richmond Town Hall.Speaking at a forum on Population: Melbourne's Planning Puzzle on 7 November 2010, Mr Thomson said that although "you might think" that a growing population would lead to economies of scale and lower electricity prices, "you would be wrong".“Instead of rising population causing lower pric

October 21 2010