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Media Releases 2007

Halt Urban Growth in South East Queensland (Apr)

Tuesday 17 April 2007 


The Queensland Government should halt urban growth in South East Queensland 

say conservationists following the release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate 

Change Report last week.  A resolution calling for a moratorium on development will be 

put at a public forum “Populating the Life out of Paradise” to be held at Redlands 

September 16 2011

Queensland environment groups call for moratorium on growth In SEQ (Jun)

Thursday, 14 June 2007 


Environment groups meeting at Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast last 

Sunday, 10th June, called for a moratorium on Local Growth Management 

Strategies (LGMS’s) under the South East Queensland Regional Plan until after 

the local government elections in 2008, when local residents would have the 

chance to vote for candidates based on their views regarding growth. 

September 16 2011

Population growth has eroded South East Queensland’s ability to weather climate change (May)

Wednesday, 2 May 2007 


South East Queensland’s population growth has reached such a level that the region’s 

communities will struggle to make it through changing climate patterns say 



The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report released recently stated that 

droughts are likely to be more frequent with increased risk of water shortage, land 

September 16 2011

Let the community determine SEQ’s growth (May)

Tuesday 1 May 2007 

The Queensland Government is pushing high growth in South East Queensland 

via the Local Growth Management Strategies that every local government must adopt in 

the coming months say conservationists. 

The South East Queensland Regional Plan 2002-2026 (SEQ Regional Plan) 

requires each local government in SEQ to prepare a Local Growth Management 

September 16 2011

Queensland growth draining our water away (Apr)

Monday 30 April 2007 


The Queensland Government’s South East Queensland Regional Plan 

suggests each of us should be consuming only 270 litres per person per day by 

2010, 30L/person/day down on the current rate. However, this is only a small 

September 16 2011

Government inaction on population growth is destroying South East Queensland (Apr)

Tuesday 24 April 2007 


The inaction of the Queensland Government to implement stronger planning 

controls on population growth in South East Queensland is resulting in the destruction of 

the region’s many values say conservationists. 

A public forum titled “Populating the life out of paradise” held at Redlands 

IndigiScapes on Saturday, noted that SEQ’s population growth was unsustainable, 

September 16 2011

Earth Day - Forum calls for action on climate change in South East Queensland (Apr)

Sunday 22 April 2007 

Earth Day 

 In keeping with the theme for Earth Day 2007, “A call for action on climate change”, a 

public forum at Indigiscapes in Capalaba Saturday called for a halt to the South East 

Queensland Regional Plan until climate change and protection of our natural environment 

are factored into the planning process. 

September 16 2011

SEQ Communities forced to accept growth (Apr)

Tuesday 17 April 2007 


The Queensland Government and pro-growth local governments in SEQ are forcing 

communities to accept population targets beyond the sustainability of the region and driving SEQ 

from one crisis to another, say conservationists. 

Overcrowded hospitals and schools, more and increasingly congested roads, lack of water, 

September 16 2011

South East Queensland Populating the Life out of Paradise (Apr)

Friday, 13 April 2007 


An upcoming public forum will seek solutions to unprecedented and 

unsustainable growth which they say is “populating the life out of paradise” and will 

push to limit urban development in South East Queensland, 

The forum is open to all South East Queensland residents and will be held at 

September 16 2011

State Government pro-growth strategy is driving the water crisis (Mar)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007 



Rapidly diminishing water, congested roads, vanishing green and open spaces 

and insufficient recreational infrastructure are the hallmarks of the State Government’s 

pro-growth strategy. 

Mr Simon Baltais, President of Sustainable Population Australia SEQ Branch 

said, “Since when is rapid population growth, which is so eagerly sought after by the 

State Government, a solution to SEQ’s water crisis?” 

“It was the State Government who advertised and encouraged interstate 

September 16 2011