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Media Releases 2008



18 February 2008. 

 Population, peak oil and climate change will be hot topics in Canberra next month. 


Scientists and politicians from the UK, Philippines, New Zealand and Australia will 

speak at the conference "Population, Peak Oil and Climate Change: their impact on 

the Millennium Development Goals". 


The conference will be at Rydges Lakeside Hotel on 14 &15 March.  


Professor John Guillebaud of University College London will deliver the keynote 

September 16 2011




31 January 2008.  

Australia should keep the citizenship test but orient it toward the future rather than the 

past, according to Sustainable Population Australia inc (SPA).  


SPA National President, Dr John Coulter, says intending citizens should certainly think 

of Australia’s past. 


"But it is even more important that they understand the present and can participate in 

building a sustainable future for their country of adoption," says Dr Coulter. 


September 16 2011


15 May 2008. 

By increasing Australia's population through higher immigration and bigger baby 

bonuses, this week's Budget ignores the emerging crises of climate change and the end of 

cheap conventional oil, according to Sustainable Population Australia (SPA). 


The Budget saw Australia's official immigration rate increase to 190,300 from 177,000, 

on top of 100,000 temporary workers. The baby bonus will rise to $5000 from $4000. 


September 16 2011

Message to Garnaut: it's tourism or the Barrier Reef, not both (Feb)


22 February 2008 

If Professor Ross Garnaut wants to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 90 per cent, then 

air travel and much of tourism has to go, according to Sustainable Population 

Australia Inc. (SPA). 


SPA National President, Dr John Coulter, commended Professor Garnaut's call for 

cuts of 90 per cent or more but criticised him for saying the task would be easy.  

 "It's not going to be easy. Life cannot continue as we know it today. Professor 

September 16 2011

Past the Time to give Precedence to the Environment: Garnaut Report (Feb)

21 February 2008 

Past the Time to give Precedence to the Environment: 

Garnaut Report   

September 16 2011

Education: not cultural assimilation rebadged, (Feb)

17 February 2008 

Education: not cultural assimilation rebadged, Culturally 

united education with new symbols  

Speaking in Adelaide today, Dr John Coulter, National President of Sustainable Population 
Australia congratulated Kevin Rudd on the first big step toward reconciliation between 

September 16 2011

Emulate China & achieve emission targets (Dec)

“Penny Wong, in her last speech to the Poznan Conference identified Australia’s population growth as a serious impediment to achieving the Rudd Government’s own 2050 emission reduction target. Yet every state government, with the full support of Federal Government policy, is chasing population growth and growth in per capita consumption, very substantially increasing, rather than decreasing environmental impact of which GHG emissions are only one symptom.

September 16 2011

Too Many People in a State in Environmental Decline (Dec)

Many of Victoria's unique native plants and animals are already endangered or threatened with extinction. The report notes that ?Victoria's ecological footprint is three times higher than the global average and that humanity would need four Earths if the whole world ?lived like Victorians.

September 16 2011

Record Population Growth Disaster for Climate Targets (Dec)

"No wonder Climate Change Minister, Penny Wong would not commit Australia to a 2020 target for emissions before the Poznan, Poland meeting next week," he says. "It is impossible to reconcile cuts in emissions with Australia's continued population growth. Australia's very high population growth rate will make it impossible to achieve acceptable greenhouse emission targets.

September 16 2011

Rudd repeats Hawke failure (Sept)

September 16 2011