SPA Newsletter 117 - Sep 2014 | Sustainable Population Australia

An independent not-for-profit organisation seeking to protect the environment and our quality of life by ending population growth in Australia and globally, while rejecting racism and coercive population control. SPA is an environmental advocacy organisation, not a political party.

SPA Newsletter 117 - Sep 2014

  • Crawford Fund Parliamentary Conference told that if we are to provide food for nine billion we must invest in women, which must include sexual health and reproductive rights.
  • Tim Roberts and Nigel Stace (University of Newcastle): Mankind - ten billion or two billion? Facing the 21st Century version of the
    Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  • Leith van Onselen: Abbott's toxic immigration policy
  • Dr George Browning: The Christian Church must support family planning, grapple with poverty, and refuse to accept an economic system that is based on population growth
  • Dr Paul Collins: Ethics 101 says we are the summit, the ecstasy, of the world.  The new Ethics 101 must recognise that the good of the natural world comes first
  • Dr John Coulter: With the world population increasing by 80 million each year, migration cannot solve the catastrophe which is unfolding.
  • Book review: Adventures in the Anthropocene – a Journey to the Heart of the Planet We Made (Author Gaia Vince)
  • Book review: Facing the Population Challenge - Wisdom from the Elders (Editor Marilyn Hempel)
  • Jane O'Sullivan: SPA's submission on Child Marriage
  • SPA Queensland Branch: population offsets