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“Population and Ageing: Disaster or Triumph?”

Following the SPA AGM held in Adelaide on the 7th March this year (2015) the organisers 'treated' the public and the assembled members to a symposium titled “Population and Ageing: Disaster or Triumph?” Three speakers, Dr Katharine Betts, Dr. Jane O'Sullivan and Associate Professor Philip Lawn delivered powerful presentations examining the current debate on population aging.

The Powerpoint presentations accompanying each talk have been made available by each speaker and are attached here as PDF's and links ae provided to the video presentations of each. You are encourged to download for use in personal research.

May 15 2015

Population and Ageing:Disaster or Triumph? - Free Public Seminar

 Free Public Seminar

Population and Ageing: Disaster or Triumph?

7 March, 1 pm - 5 pm 

Bradley Forum, Hawke Centre, Uni SA, West Campus, 55 North Tce 

February 16 2015

High immigration too large a cost to offset ageing

A significant study released today by Dr Katharine Betts and published on the Monash University Centre for Population and Urban Research website shows that, while high immigration can reduce the median age of the population by a few years, it comes at great cost.

The cost is significant population growth that lowers national productivity by taking resources away from productive investment and capital deepening. It also leads to many more older people than would be the case were the population to stabilise.

May 1 2014

Ageing is a population issue: report - 22 July 2010

The ageing of Australia must be considered when determining appropriate immigration levels and government policy for a sustainable population, a new report says.

September 16 2011

Population Aging: A Human Triumph 12th July 2010

Population aging is an impressive achievement that has greatly improved the quality and length of human life. However, it will require sometimes-painful social and economic adjustments to the expected future demographic realities, as Joseph Chamie, former director of the UN Population Division, explains.

September 16 2011

The shock of the old: Welcome to the elderly age

Perhaps aging of the population is not so bad after all!

September 16 2011

Big Australia is a taxing problem but one we must get a grip of

Bernard Salt arguing that we need to grow in order to support future pensioners. see: with a quote from Nick Minchin: "We all know that the ageing of the population is not amenable to change by dint of the immigration policy because immigrants by and large come in at an age profile not dissimilar to the current profile of the Australian economy."

September 16 2011

Sex Differentials in Mortality - April 2010

United Nations Population Facts Department of Economic and Social Affairs * Population Division No. 2010/4

September 16 2011

The Age Distribution of Deaths - April 2010

United Nations Population Facts Department of Economic and Social Affairs * Population Division No. 2010/3

September 16 2011

Nurses say aged care package will worsen crisis - April 12

Nurses have rejected Labor's $739 million aged-care package, declaring it will make a bad situation even worse because there is no new funding for additional nurses. The package includes funding for 5000 aged-care places and millions for additional GP care for the elderly.

September 16 2011