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Ageing Australia: PM's $739m boost - April 12

A new aged-care funding package will tackle "pressure points" in the system, and look to expand it for the future, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says. Mr Rudd today outlined the $739 million, four-year plan in Brisbane. In a statement, the government said the plan was the base for further structural reforms, and flagged a future announcement on aged care nurses.

September 16 2011

The 2010 Intergenerational Report

An ageing population, escalating pressures in the health system and climate change pose long-term challenges for Australia's economic growth, living standards and government finances. The Treasury's Long Term Demographic and Economic projects for Australia 1st February 2010

September 16 2011

Planning for an aging population

AS debate continues over the impact of an ageing population following the release of the Federal Government’s intergenerational report, a North Coast council has already begun planning how to care for and tap into the benefits of an older population. The Coffs Coast Advocate, Kira Love 22-02-2010

September 16 2011

The right cause, but wrong effect

AGEING and immigration have been top order political issues in this country for some time. But in the years to come their significance will become even greater and the policy implications of how to manage each issue will become even more far-reaching.Peter van Onselen, Contributing editor From: The Australian January 16, 2010 12:00AM

September 16 2011

Age will weary us as federal government debt rises

THE commonwealth budget is in danger of going directly from the deficit caused by the financial crisis to one caused by ageing of the population without ever seeing a surplus. David Uren From: The Australian November 23, 2009 12:00AM

September 16 2011

More people plan to work till they drop

The global financial crisis has sparked a huge increase in the number of Australians who plan to work till they drop — and caused tens of thousands of retired Australians to return to work.

September 16 2011

Population Ageing and Sustainability in China: Comparisons with Australia

This paper analyses population ageing and sustainability in China with a reference to Australia in the purpose of providing some valuable knowledge and lessons for achieving China’s sustainability. Paper presented at ACESA 2006 International Conference Emerging China: Internal Challenges and Global Implications 13-14 July 2006 Victoria University Conference Centre Level 12, 300 Flinders St, Melbourne

September 16 2011

Immigration no cure-all for the country's ageing population

AFTER climate change, the ageing of the population is Australia's largest long-term challenge. So whatever other concerns we have about rapid population growth, at least we can be grateful that it is helping to reduce the problem of increasing numbers of aged people being supported by a shrinking proportion of taxpayers.

September 16 2011