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Climate Change

Submission to the High-Level Champions on the Roadmap for Global Climate Action

In June 2016, the High Level Champions for Climate Action, appointed by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, requested submissions on their Roadmap for Cimate Action following the Paris climate agreement. SPA's submission explains how greater support for voluntary family planning in high fertility countries is critical for achieving a "safe" climate limited to 1.5-2oC. Emissions projection scenarios which achieve sufficient emissions reductions all assume much lower global population growth than the UN's current projection.

August 11 2016

Submission re the Clean Energy Legislation 2013

The content of this submission is included in the PDF version attached. The conclusions are thus:
The Government’s claimed concern about power bills is insincere and dishonest.
To demonstrate sincere concern about Australian household cost of living, the Government should conduct an inquiry into the impact of population policy choices on the Australian economy.
September 6 2015

Climate Change not the only challenge for small island states

High population densities are as much a challenge for small island states as is climate change, according to Sustainable Population Australia (SPA).

World Environment Day is June 5, and this year aims to raise awareness about the impact of climate change on small islands states around the world.

National president of SPA, Ms Jenny Goldie, says many small island states have high population densities, which increase the pressure on already limited resources, particularly fresh water.

June 6 2014

Ending population growth a critical mitigation tool

Ending world population growth as soon as possible is critical if the world is to limit global warming to 2oC, according to Sustainable Population Australia (SPA).

Working Group III of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), in its report issued yesterday said ‘urgent action’ is needed if we are to keep within the internationally agreed limit of 2oC.

April 14 2014

Submission by Sustainable Population Australia on the treatment of Agriculture in the UNFCCC

Sustainable Population Australia welcomes the opportunity to submit perspectives on the treatment of Agriculture in the international climate change discourse.

September 6 2013

Reducing population growth can help climate mitigation

The current record-breaking heatwave that has affected continental Australia is a symptom of climate change, according to Sustainable Population Australia Inc. (SPA).

SPA national president, Ms Sandra Kanck, says reducing population growth is an integral part of climate change mitigation.

January 15 2013

Ten Nations at 'Extreme Risk' Because of Water Shortages, Report Says 13th July 2010

Ten countries worldwide, including five African nations, are at "extreme risk" because of limited access to clean, fresh water, according to a new global water security index. And the effects of climate change and population growth will exacerbate the stress on these water supplies, potentially threatening stability in many regions, according to the analysis by Maplecroft , a UK-based consulting group.

September 16 2011

Sea levels 'could rise by more than 1m' 7th July 2010

Climate change could drive up sea levels by twice as much as previously predicted, a scientist has warned at a Canberra conference.

September 16 2011

Charities warm to climate - April 6

Philanthropic support for climate-change issues tripled in 2008.

September 16 2011

What Is Geoengineering and Why Is It Considered a Climate Change Solution? - April 6

Some scientists are calling for more study of technological interventions to forestall catastrophic global warming. Why?

September 16 2011