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Sunshine Coast MPs gagged on growth

AN assault on the South-East Queensland Regional Plan by Sunshine Coast MPs was cut short in Parliament when the government used its numbers to kill off debate on Thursday night.

September 16 2011

Population Growth and the Democratic Deficit

Address by Kelvin Thomson, MP for Wills, to the Australian Capital Territory Branch of Sustainable Population Australia, Wednesday 10 February 2009

When I spoke in the Parliament in August last year about population I advanced two propositions – first that the world’s population needed to be stabilised, and second that Australia’s population needed to be stabilised.  I called for a national debate on the population issue and the need for population reform.

September 16 2011

Europe is not heading for a population collapse

 Mark O'Connor commenting on this article from the Guardian said,

September 16 2011

Migration like pyramid scheme: Kelvin Thomson

The idea of using high immigration to support Australia’s ageing population is like a giant pyramid scheme, MP Kelvin Thomson said at a public meeting in Canberra on 10 February.  

September 16 2011

Dick Smith launches update on Australia’s population. (100201)

September 16 2011

Australia’s day of population reckoning

Maybe there is a bit of selfishness on each side. Those for higher population like the markets and money and political donations that come from industries that profit from higher population. Those against ask like Carr: “What’s wrong with a bit of space? What’s wrong with the possibility of being able to get to a beach and get onto the beach . . .
September 16 2011

Population growth and Australia’s 2020 greenhouse gas emission commitments

People and Place

Authors: Bob Birrell and Ernest Healy, Volume 17, Issue 4 (2009)

September 16 2011

Reality check on growth

The 35-million projection was prepared by the Commonwealth Treasury. It parallels recent Australian Bureau of Statistics and state government population projections. All assume that the current record high net migration levels and high fertility (relative to a few years ago) will continue.

September 16 2011

Paradise Lost


Opinion by Tim Murray,
January 15/09


September 16 2011

Summits that fail to deliver

Kyoto was seen as an Earth-saving agreement. In reality, pitifully few of those who signed up to it delivered on their commitments. In 1996, the World Food Summit in Rome pledged to cut the number of people suffering from hunger and malnutrition by half before 2015. The target was to reduce world hunger to less than 420 million people. In 2009, the World Bank calculated that the numbers had risen to over 1 billion.
September 16 2011