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ABC TV News covers Overloading Australia

ABC TV News and The 7.30 Report have been much slower to improve, and over the past two decades have ignored hundreds if not thousands of media releases from credible organisations asking them to investigate the population component of major issues like global warming, peak oil, environmental destruction, and Australia's greenhouse emissions. (On just how biased ABC TV News could be, see Overloading Australia  pp. 161 and  219.)

September 16 2011

Population boom will bust environment and quality of life

Date: 22-Sep-2009
New demographic figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show Australia’s population is on a collision course with our natural environment, the Australian Conservation Foundation said.??
September 16 2011

China right to link population to climate

Nor was there any mention of population growth in the earlier draft agreements and the matter hardly rated a mention in the whole two weeks of the conference, except by the Chinese.
September 16 2011

Toms personal article

Now the now isthe time for all good ment ot come to the aid of the party

September 16 2011

Changes to Overloading Australia 2nd Edition_090913

The first edition of Overloading Australia  was largely sold out in under a year, and our publisher Envirobook has decided to go ahead with a "Second Edition, Revised 2010". Copies of it should be available in February 2010, with probably some advance ones earlier.  (My co-author Bill Lines was working all hours as a foreman, but was able to approve and in some cases improve the new material.)
September 16 2011

Is population growth a Ponzi scheme?

 The profits go to the few, and everyone else picks up the tab.

September 16 2011


The consequences of the present population pressure are dramatic. In my opinion it is not plausible that the world’s population could double without the consequences becoming catastrophic. And yet when it is suggested that the world’s population is a problem, there is zero interest from policy makers. In my view it isn’t so much a problem as the problem. Let me return to that list of problems, and describe the impact of population on them.
September 16 2011

Family Planning Has Major Environmental Impact

The research also makes it clear that potential carbon impacts vary dramatically across countries. The average long-term carbon impact of a child born in the U.S. – along with all of its descendants – is more than 160 times the impact of a child born in Bangladesh.

September 16 2011

World population growth still a ticking time bomb

We need measures to deal with the growth rate of humankind.

Canberra Times, Monday June 8th 2009

September 16 2011

By 2050 there could be 34m Australians. Is that OK?

Now is the best time for long-term thinking on our nation’s size.

Canberra Times, March 27 2009

Last week's decision by the Federal Government to slash the immigration intake in light of
the seriously deteriorating global and national economic situation will
probably be viewed as a sensible move by most commentators. That’s not to say, though,
that it is a cut-and-dried issue.

September 16 2011