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Sexual and reproductive health and rights must be prioritized in South Asia

Parliamentarians from South Asia committed yesterday to prioritize people’s health and welfare through meeting their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) needs, particularly those of women and young people.
Meeting in Bangkok, MPs discussed ways to reduce the unacceptably high maternal mortality rate in South Asian countries and how to tackle problems relating to Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Nepal having the highest birth rates among adolescents.

August 22 2013

Earth Overshoot Day - August 20 - Even earlier this year.

Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) has expressed concern that Earth Overshoot Day is two days earlier than last year (August 22) and two months earlier than 20 years ago (October 21).

August 21 2013

Excessive population at heart of Egypt chaos

A population that has grown larger than the resources required to sustain it lies at the heart of Egypt’s current political turmoil, according to Sustainable Population Australia (SPA).
Egypt experienced an ‘Arab Spring’ uprising in 2011 but recently the military has sacked democratically elected president Mohamed Morsi, leading to riots in which hundreds of people have been killed.

August 17 2013

Bindi Irwin has world on her mind

"WILDLIFE Warrior Bindi Irwin is all grown up and ready to rumble.
The late Croc Hunter's blossoming daughter turns 15 this week and is ready to swap singing and dancing for serious debate. And one of the issues closest to her heart is family planning and birth control to curb overpopulation of the planet."
Writes Kathleen Donaghey of the Sunday Mail (Qld).

July 22 2013

Burke must not forget population

Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) has expressed concern that Population has been dropped as a portfolio in the Rudd Cabinet but also says it is unlikely to make a great deal of difference.

Minister Tony Burke who held the portfolio of population in the Gillard Government is now Minister for Immigration, Multicultural Affairs, Citizenship and the Arts.

SPA National President, Ms Jenny Goldie, says while Minister Burke held the portfolio, he did very little other than talk of redistributing the population.

July 2 2013

23 Million milestone nothing to celebrate

The arrival of Australia’s 23 millionth person tomorrow is no cause for celebration, according to Sustainable Population Australia (SPA).

National President of SPA, Ms Jenny Goldie, noted that in 1994 the Australian Academy of Science had said: ‘In our view, the quality of all aspects of our children's lives will be maximized if the population of Australia by the mid-21st Century is kept to the low, stable end of the achievable range, i.e. to approximately 23 million.’[i]

April 23 2013

Roy Beck, Number USA talks in Aust.

Roy Beck delivered this talk to SPA, Victoria branch member on the 1st of January, 2013.

February 22 2013

New immigration minister must heed Monash paper and cut immigration

Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) has called on the new Immigration Minister, Brendan O’Connor, to heed the findings of a paper issued yesterday. It found that the number of migrants arriving in Australia since the beginning of 2011 who found jobs about equals the number of new jobs created in Australia for everyone over the same period.

The paper was written by Professor Bob Birrell and Ernest Healy of the Centre for Population and Urban Research (CPUR), Monash University.

February 12 2013

Reducing population growth can help climate mitigation

The current record-breaking heatwave that has affected continental Australia is a symptom of climate change, according to Sustainable Population Australia Inc. (SPA).

SPA national president, Ms Sandra Kanck, says reducing population growth is an integral part of climate change mitigation.

January 15 2013

Immigration Overshoot - CPUR

The latest report from CPUR, the Centre for Population and Urban Research at Monash Uni (http://artsonline.monash.edu.au/cpur/) has been released and is entitled "Immigration Overshoot". This from the report's Summary:

"Australia has been in the grip of a boom mentality over the last decade. As in other such booms, governments and business enterprises seem to lose the capacity to reality-test claims, such as those from the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency, that Australia faces enormous growth in the demand for workers." and "This report argues that the immigration intake is too high. It shows that under the current employment conditions several of the major visa subclasses need to be culled."

The entire report is attached: Report in PDF

November 27 2012