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Student Migration

Immigration Minister right to tighten temporary worker program

The new Minister for Immigration, Brendan O’Connor, has made an excellent start in his portfolio by tightening the temporary workers’ program and thereby protecting Australian workers, according to Sustainable Population Australia Inc. (SPA).

The temporary worker program, whereby foreign workers come in on 457 visas, was set up to fill skill gaps in Australian businesses and industry. A requirement of the program is that employers, before bringing in workers from overseas, must ensure that there are no local workers to fill the positions in question.

March 15 2013

Overseas student market at risk 23rd June, 2010

THE threat to universities from a significant downturn in international students is real and immigration needs to better refine its visa integrity. These measures will ensure legitimate students aren't being caught in the crackdown. Universities Australia chairman Peter Coaldrake has warned the federal government the sector isn't exaggerating its fears that changes to immigration regulations threaten damage to international student markets that are already vulnerable because of the high Australian dollar and increasing competition.

September 16 2011

Reduce numbers for better security 14th July 2010

TOUGH measures such as restrictions on the number and type of overseas students coming to Australia, even curfews, have been canvassed in a report aimed at curbing violent attacks on overseas students. The report, by former Australian Institute of Criminology director Adam Graycar, falls short of recommending the measures, but still says students should be chosen on an educational, not permanent residency, basis.

September 16 2011