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This video many of the costs that come with Melbourne's population growth.


Melbourne's Growing Pains

Rod Quantock at his funny best uses his humour to tackle the important matter of too many people, the environmental and social costs of too many people. You will be both informed and amused by this brilliant presentation.

Rod Quantock SPA AGM 2016

Kelvin describes the importance of limiting population growth, of the opposition from many quarters to discussing this matter, including vested interests as well as politicians and media for fear of being called racist

Kelvin Thomson SPA AGM 2016

Mark Allen, town planner, environmentalist, permaculturalist describes how these factors and population are intimately interwoven.

Mark Allen on Population SPA AGM 2016

Dr Katharine Betts describes surveys which show that a majority of Australians favour a smaller rate of population growth

Katharine Betts SPA AGM 2016

The big decision about a population increase is "what's in it for most Australians?" I believe the answer is "less and less".

Dick Smith

Professor Bartlett explains how even a modest percentage growth can result in huge increases in short time periods.

Professor Albert Bartlett

"I've never seen a problem that wouldn't be easier to solve with fewer people, or harder, and ultimately impossible, with more."

Sir David Attenborough