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An independent not-for-profit organisation seeking to protect the environment and our quality of life by ending population growth in Australia and globally, while rejecting racism and coercive population control. SPA is an environmental advocacy organisation, not a political party.


Overpopulation facts - the problem no one will discuss

Alexandra Paul at TEDxTopanga

              Tongue in cheek pitch made to The Gruen.  We kind of like the result!

The Pitch: Convince us to halve the population


Tim Flannery spoke to SPA about why population sustainability matters

Meet Our Patron Tim Flannery

Our patrons team up with our national president in this informative talking heads compilation



Meet the SPA patrons


Arnav Sati describes the daily life challenges for residents in Melbourne's western growth corridor

Migrant perspective - infrastructure and population growth

   SPA flew a small plane over Melbourne to photograph sprawl, congestion and over development.



Melbourne urban sprawl seen from the air

     SPA's Michael Bayliss introduces new documentary '8 Billion Angels'  to a packed Melbourne audience


8 Billion Angels Australian Premiere

 SPA interviewed six people to find out why they chose to have small or child free families.



talking head stop at 2 campaign
Talking Heads: Choosing to have children...or not

SPA helped to organise the only panel to discuss overpopulation at COP25 in Madrid



COP25 Madrid Population
Population Panel at COP25

Missed our discussion paper launch in Sydney?  You can watch it on SPA's YouTube channel

SPA Disccusion Paper Infrastructure Bob Carr
SPA Launches our new Discussion Paper

In the second series of Tough Crowd, Jude Perl interviews the Melbourne Baronesses

tough crowd baroness
Child Free and Proud!

Armando Vargas, Ambassador of Costa Rica, provides a insider perspective into his very unique country, including progressive social policies and a successful family planning program.

Armando Vargas Costa Rica
Pura Vida Costa Rica

'It's not about the source, it's about the numbers, stupid' - Former NSW Premier and SPA Patron Bob Carr talks population.

meet our patrons bob carr
Meet Our Patrons - Hon. Bob Carr

SPA's new dynamic animation explores why endless growth is making city living ever harder.



Endless Growth Paradigm
The Endless Growth Paradigm

The VicTas Committee of SPA hosted the public event 'Can We Curb Our Growth Obsession'  for World Population Day



world pop day melbourne
World Population Day Melbourne

Dr Cameron Murrary (Macro Business, Sustainable Australia) debunks some long held ageing myths.

Dr Cameron Murray
Dr Cameron Murrary - SPA public Forum

Former Labor MP Kelvin Thomson presented to the SPA public forum in Brisbane

Kelvin Thomson
Kelvin Thomson, SPA forum 2019

SPA Secretary Nola Stewart explores the link between human population and the impact on natural systems.

Conservation Through Having Smaller Families

Professor Ian Lowe, Spa Patron, presents a scientific perspective on the relation between population growth and the impact on natural systems.

Ian Lowe
Meet Our Patrons - Prof Ian lowe

Comedian Rod Quantock answers the Tough questions to SPA Communications Manager, Michael Bayliss

Rod Quantock Michael Bayliss
Tough Crowd - Rod Quantock