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29 March 2006 



The population of the mid-north coast of NSW will double within 15 years. A public conference at 

Johns River near Port Macquarie will address the environmental, social and economic implications of 

this doubling next month.  


Sustainable Population Australia inc (SPA) is organising the event with the help of an active local 

committee. National President of SPA, Ms Jenny Goldie, says this doubling must be put in context of 

two converging crises. 


“We face both climate change and the end of the age of cheap oil,” she says. “Climate change will 

bring higher temperatures and more extreme weather events. The coast is particularly vulnerable.  


“It is also becoming increasingly clear that global oil and gas production will peak this decade. 

Demand will exceed supply and prices of oil and gas products will inexorably rise including farm 

products such as fertilisers and pesticides,” Ms Goldie says. 


“These two converging crises will make it hard to accommodate any growth in population, let alone the 

predicted doubling. The conference, however, will address alternative futures such as localised 

agriculture, environmentally sensitive housing and renewable energy, measures which might allow us 

to cope better.” 


A number of excellent speakers have agreed to speak including representatives from Port Macquarie 

Hastings and Greater Taree City Councils, local activists and professionals, and a councillor from 

Ballina Shire.  It will be held at Falls Forest Retreat owned by well-known palaeo-environmentalist and 

author, Dr Mary E White, who will welcome participants.  


Public conference 

“Population doubling on the mid-north NSW coast – the implications” 

9am – 5pm Saturday 29 April 2006 

Falls Forest Retreat, 318 Isaacs Lane, Johns River 

Registration: or 


Further information:  

Jenny Goldie (02) 6235 5488  

Mary White (02) 6556 5024  

Tony Doherty (02) 6553 9727