Renew Membership

Thanks for choosing to renew your SPA Membership!     A few things while we are improving our systems...       

Your Email Address:         Please use the same email address we already know.   If you want to change it, best email Head Office at

Returning from PayPal:    After we take you to PayPal and you complete your payment there, remember to  click the link from PayPal back to SPA  so we can instantly email your receipt.

Auto Renew?  You can optionally tick the box to have your Membership paid automatically at each anniversary from now on.  You can cancel at any time in the future from your own PayPal account.

Donation?         This is for an optional one-off Donation.  It's outside the Auto Renew setting.   Use the separate 'Support Us > Donate Online' page if you'd like to set up a recurring Donation instead.

Family/Household?      This membership type will be phased out in the long term.  But if you have a Household Membership  ('Membership' has been preset as such from your Renewal Reminder email link) it is important to CONTINUE to renew as a Household and of the same type. 

Renewal Country