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An independent not-for-profit organisation seeking to protect the environment and our quality of life by ending population growth in Australia and globally, while rejecting racism and coercive population control. SPA is an environmental advocacy organisation, not a political party.

Connect with SPA online discussions

SPA has three convenient forums for you to discuss population related issues, news and events.  One of these is for SPA Members only – another good reason to join SPA.  Rules of courtesy and relevance always apply.

1)  Our official Facebook News Page presents SPA to the wider world.  Continuously updated with the latest news on population issues and to connect people to our local activities.
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2)  Member PopForum - Member PopForum - is an email-based discussion group for Members only. It is active with SPA enthusiasts and is a great way to keep up-to-date about the latest media articles, research and debates. To subscribe email,   An email with instuctions will follow, or visit