SPA campaigns rely on the generous tax-deductible donations of our supporters. Without this help, urban consolidation, traffic congestion, pollution, animal habitat loss, clearing of old-growth forests, mining of precious lands such as Kakadu – all to support a never-ending increasing number of people – will only intensify.

Donations are a popular way of giving to support SPA’s work.

All donations of $2 or more are transferred into the SPA Sustainable Population Fund and are tax-deductible.

You can now donate in many ways:

Donate to SPA

Donations are Tax Deductible. Unlike other NGOs, SPA receives few corporate donations so it's really down to individuals to keep SPA alive.
If you have donated before or are already a member, please use the same email address we already know. To change it, email
PayPal: (accepts credit cards)
Recurring Payment: Tick the box to repeat the payment indefinitely, or for a fixed time. Cancel at any time from your PayPal account.
Donate by regular (snail) mail: You can mail us your donation (cheque or credit card) using this printable form.
Or call +61 2 6288 6810

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Your recurring contribution will be processed automatically. You can specify the number of installments, or you can leave the number of installments blank if you want to make an open-ended commitment. In either case, you can choose to cancel at any time. You will receive an email receipt for each recurring contribution.
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