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7 February 2023

Review of ‘How to Fix a Broken Planet’, Julian Cribb, CUP, 2023

by Peter Martin, science writer This short book is a remarkably comprehensive overview of the serious environmental and associated social problems facing humanity on a global scale. It reviews the suite of issues that scientists and other informed commentators have been writing about for over 50 years, and does so in non-technical language that makes …

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30 April 2018

Teaching students about overshoot

What happens when a professor teaches students about over-population? Chris Bystroff, interviewed on the Overpopulation Podcast has observed they go through the stages of grieving: Denial, Bargaining, Anger, etc. Eventually most reach Acceptance but the startling fact is that most have never even heard of the issue. Population has almost completely fallen off the radar …

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15 February 2018

Australians for animals

SPA is thrilled to introduce Sue Arnold from Australians for Animals Inc. Sue has been a wildlife activist and journalist for the past 30 years who has a first hand insight into the the impact of population growth on wildlife. Sue says "Australians for Animals Inc.(AFA) has played a significant role in protecting Australia’s unique …

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18 January 2018

ABC refuses to discuss population

For the second year running SPA has sought a meeting with the ABC Board to discuss the ABC's failure to address the population issue, and for the second year running we have been refused. This letter is that second request. Article Publication: SPA letter to the ABC

21 July 2017

President’s message July 2017

Wow. What a week it’s been. Popular academic news blog, The Conversation, has run a whole series on population titled “Is Australia Full?”, with several of the articles included as links in the eNews below. This includes an article led by SPA’s Peter Martin (President: SA branch); Peter’s article attracted over 360 comments, and was …

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8 December 2016

Safe cities conference

On August 23 Michael Bayliss (President, VicTas Branch)  was invited to speak to the national Safe Cities conference on the topic: 'The Impact on Rapid Population Growth in Urban Centres'.  Michael used Melbourne and other Australian cities as case examples as to how rapidly growing cities affect public safety through bad building design, health sector …

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