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Federal Election

Abbott's immigration policy a con, says Labor's Burke - 25 July 2010

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is trying to con voters by claiming he will slash net immigration because the figures are already falling, federal population minister Tony Burke says.

September 16 2011

Coalition has a real population policy - 25 July 2010

HOW do we know that the Australian people are deeply concerned about the rapidly increasing population and the pressure that it?s placing on cities that are already choking on their own traffic?

September 16 2011

Tony Abbott's population policy will be well received in vital marginal seats

TONY Abbott's bold strike on population policy will throw Labor off balance, outrage business groups and the elites ... and set heads nodding in the vital marginal seats around Brisbane, Sydney and right along the eastern seaboard.

September 16 2011

Tony Abbott says coalition would slash immigration - 25 July 2010

AUSTRALIA will slash its migrant intake by 130,000 under a coalition government, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says in his column in News Limited papers today.

September 16 2011

Coalition will cut immigration says Opposition Leader Tony Abbott - 25th July 2010

OPPOSITION leader Tony Abbott has vowed to put a lid on Australia's population growth by slashing immigration by nearly half over the next three years.

September 16 2011

Puppetry of the population - 19 July 2010

Election uncertainties generally aren't good for the economy, so you might hope we're getting something of value for the considerable cost. The early indication is: no. Dissembling and a big lie remain the order of the day.

September 16 2011

PM's cover-up on population - 23 July 2010

ULIA Gillard is running the most dishonest election campaign we have seen in our lifetime.

September 16 2011

Falling fertility fuels demand - 21 July 2010

THE global "war for skills" was intensifying as declining fertility in Western and Asian countries put overseas student recruitment atop the productivity agenda.

September 16 2011

IR monkey wrenches Abbott, population perishes on Gillard - 24 July 2010

Neither leader can be fully satisfied with their efforts in the first week. It is only week one, but already on the election obstacle course Tony Abbott has been singed as he tried to cremate WorkChoices, and Julia Gillard has found herself haunted by Kevin Rudd and Mark Latham.

September 16 2011

Migration cut in Abbott bid for upper hand - 24 July 2010

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is poised to unveil a significant cut in Australia's annual migration intake as he tries to outflank Labor in the politically sensitive territory of boats and population.

September 16 2011