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Federal Election

Split harms Labor immigration stance - 23 July 2010

LABOR frontbenchers are now conceding immigration is part of the population debate after a bruising 24 hours on the issue, in which the Liberals have seized on the government's inconsistencies.

September 16 2011

Europe shows the alternative to growth is decline - 23 July 2010

A shrinking population and inflated expectations are a damaging mix

September 16 2011

Fertility key to sustainable population - 24 July 2010

Julia Gillard has deliberately confused population policy with refugee policy

September 16 2011

Infrastructure key to managing population: Turnbull - 23 July 2010

Former Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull upped the sustainable population debate yesterday in Brisbane describing Prime Minister Julia Gillard's sustainable Australia as "fatuous and facile".

September 16 2011

Who do they think we are - 23 July 2010

IN Labor's 2007 election campaign, strategists were convinced by their imported Geordie political adviser, Alan Milburn, that there is room for only "one fooking message" in a campaign. Three years on, the mantra seems to have stuck.

September 16 2011

Obama jumps to the left, Gillard steps to the right - 24 July 2010

It is often said Australian Labor stands well to the left of America's Democrats. You wouldn't know it in the run-up to elections in both countries this year. On immigration, big business and climate change, Julia Gillard is running to the right, while Barack Obama is staying to the left.

September 16 2011

Keep growth out of the election says Heather Ridout - 24 July 2010

Heather Ridout has condemned the move to make population an election issue and vowed she will press on with her agenda. The Australian Industry Group chief executive and the woman charged with running the Gillard government's pro-growth population panel, said population was an issue of huge importance to Australia and future economic prosperity, and should not be debated in the campaign prism.

September 16 2011

Population debate needs impetus: Burke 22 July 2010

Both sides of federal politics have been slow to pick up the population debate, Sustainable Population Minister Tony Burke says.

September 16 2011

Small thinking in great leap backwards - 24 July 2010

Whatever the PM says, immigration will remain strong while there are jobs to be filled JULIA Gillard's rejection of a Big Australia as the defining point of difference between herself and Kevin Rudd is strictly a poll-driven position as distinct from being a justified policy.

September 16 2011

Population focus a cover for failure, says RBA director - 23 July 2010

JULIA Gillard's focus on a "sustainable population" is an excuse for failing to tackle questions on infrastructure, the environment and social policy, according to two of Australia's leading economists.

September 16 2011