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Federal Election

Coalition may direct where migrants settle - 23 July 2010

A Coalition government would consider banning some migrants from settling in big cities, shadow minister for immigration Scott Morrison said yesterday. The Liberal frontbencher, campaigning in Queanbeyan with the party's candidate for Eden-Monaro David Gazard yesterday, said such a move could make Australia more liveable.

September 16 2011

Population debate overflows - 23 July 2010

Like other Australian capitals, Adelaide has grown so that it's now straining at its boundaries, its public infrastructure completely inadequate for its exploding population, its water supply drying and its affordable housing an oxymoron.

September 16 2011

Sustainable population increase 'achievable' - 23 July 2010

POPULATION growth is necessary and need not conflict with economic, social and environmental sustainability. The statement comes from one of Labor's three hand-picked population panellists.

September 16 2011

Immigration is just another dirty word - 23 July 2010

LUNCHTIME midweek in Campbelltown's main street in the heart of western Sydney is a slow-moving affair. Cars drive in and out of the one-way street at a leisurely pace. Business is not exactly booming in most of the small, tired-looking shops. There's plenty of room on the footpath for pedestrians. But underneath the languor, there's a much more heated mood - particularly when it comes to immigration in general and boatpeople in particular. "It's just too much," says one woman. "Sometimes I don't feel I'm in Australia any more. And the land can't take it."

September 16 2011

Abbott set to reveal cuts to migration - 24 July 2010

Tony Abbott will grab the agenda before tomorrow night's leaders' debate with a new population policy, likely to include dramatic cuts to the migration intake.

September 16 2011

Hysteria on growth threatens successful population strategy - 24 July 2010

t is just 61 years since the first Australian citizenship ceremony, in 1949, when seven men, from Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, Greece, Norway, Spain and Yugoslavia, travelled to Canberra as representatives of the states and territories where they lived, and became symbols of the New Australia. The 2493 people from 35 countries who became citizens that year, reflecting postwar geopolitics, had emigrated mainly from Italy, Poland, Greece, Germany and Yugoslavia.

September 16 2011

Abbott hints at tougher population policy - 23 July 2010

Tony Abbott will unveil a new policy on population and migration in the next few days, as both sides of politics compete to promote their opposition to a "big Australia."

September 16 2011

We need a real debate on how big we want to be 20th July 2010

WHEN Kevin Rudd last October embraced a big Australia, Labor's focus groups went ballistic as voters registered their fears. Nine months later, both political parties have so absorbed that message they are falling over themselves in the rush to close the door on immigration. Not that either side is offering a precise target or an annual immigration intake. The government has deferred policy to Minister for Sustainable Population Tony Burke, who is to come up with a plan next year.

September 16 2011

Words, but little real policy 20th July 2010

FOR most of the business community, this election campaign already feels too long. They know there will be little hope of rational discussion until Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott actually wins the election and gets back to making policy rather than making announcements, according to focus group polling.

September 16 2011

Speech: 'Forward to a sustainable Australia', Eidos Institute, Brisbane 18th July 2010

Julia Gillard - Eidos is one of the nation's leading public policy think tanks and I'm delighted to be here at the start of our nation's 43rd Federal election campaign, a campaign in which the Australian people have the opportunity to exercise their most precious right in our democracy, the right to vote. .....

September 16 2011