Marie Stopes International Australia

Marie Stopes International Australia supports sexual and reproductive health programs and projects in the Asia Pacific. Marie Stopesmarie stopes donate International was founded in 1976 around a central mission: ‘Children by choice, not chance.’ Since then, they have provided high quality, safe services to millions of women and girls, when and where they need them.


Marie Stopes is currently running a donation campaign.  SPA has a high regard for the fantastic work done by Marie Stopes for family planning globally.

The Overpopulation Project

Over the past two centuries Earth’s human population has doubled, and doubled again, and nearly doubled yet again, increasing from 1 billion to over 7.8 billion people. This huge increase is at the root of grave global environmental problems, from climate change to mass species extinction. With help from a generous grant from the Global Challenges Foundation, The Overpopulation Project has studied the environmental impacts of overpopulation and explores humane policies to end population growth around the world.

Population Matters

Population Matters (formerly the Optimum Population Trust) is a UK-based membership charity that addresses population size and environmental sustainability. We believe population growth contributes to environmental degradation, resource depletion and other problems. We conduct research, inform the public and advocate improved family planning and sex education, women’s empowerment, smaller families and moderate consumption.

Negative Population Growth Inc. (NPG)

NPG was founded in 1972 to educate the American public and political leaders about the devastating effects of overpopulation on our environment, resources and standard of living.

A recent forum paper was written for NPG by Karen ShraggOn The Wrong Track: Why the endangered species act isn’t enough“.  This well written paper is based on the USA experience, but the broader implications are relevant to Australia,  as we are also observing a freefall crash in our native plants and animals due to the pursuit of endless growth.  Karen was also interviewed on an episode of the SPA supported Post-Growth Australia Podcast.


Population Institute Canada

Population Institute Canada (PIC) campaigns for smaller, environmentally sustainable populations through universal access to voluntary family planning.  Numbers matter. Infinite growth on an already overcrowded planet, with finite resources and space, is impossible. Fewer feet mean smaller, less harmful footprints, and a safer, more manageable world. PIC seeks to empower women, promote sustainable development, enhance prosperity, and create a healthier, more stable planet through family planning. Children by choice, not chance.

Population Media Center

PMC works to enhance health, human rights, and environmental protection, all of which impact population and protect the environment.
PMC creates powerful serial dramas around the world. PMC’s method of entertainment-education has shown a unique capacity for not only raising awareness among large numbers of people about such critical issues as AIDS, women’s rights, and reproductive health – but for actually motivating audiences to adopt new behaviours.

Population Reference Bureau

A USA-based organisation which analyses demographic data and research to provide objective, accurate, and up-to-date population information, particularly about population, health and environment issues. For more than 50 years, PRB’s World Population Data Sheet has been one of the most trusted sources for vital demographic data used by government leaders, policymakers, researchers, academics, and decision-makers around the world. It offers the latest population, health, and environment indicators for more than 200 countries and territories, each carefully researched and vetted by PRB’s expert team of demographers and analysts.

World Population Balance

World Population Balance is a non-profit organisation based in the USA.  They alert and educate that overpopulation is a root cause of resource depletion, species extinction, poverty, and climate change. They present their message through public presentations, podcasts, website, social media, newsletter, published essays, media interviews, billboards, and other advertisements.

Numbers USA

NumbersUSA Education & Research Foundation provides a civil forum for Americans of all political and ethnic backgrounds to focus on a single issue, the numerical level of U.S. immigration.

CASSE: Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy

CASSE’s mission is to advance the steady state economy, with stabilized population and consumption, as a policy goal with widespread public support.

PHE Ethiopia Consortium

The mission of the PHE Ethiopia Consortium is to contribute to sustainable development in Ethiopia by promoting and enhancing the integration of population, health and environment (PHE) through multi-sectoral approaches.

Empower Women

Initially referred to as the Knowledge Gateway on Women’s Economic Empowerment, Empower Women has grown into a global movement with more than half a million viewers and over 12,000 passionate and ambitious women and men from the private sector, civil society, academia, governments and international organizations more than 190 countries. Empower Women has also cultivated a global network of 250+ dynamic, influential Champions for women’s economic empowerment from over 60 countries. Together, we are taking actions and driving change for women’s economic empowerment both online and offline.

Transition Earth

Transition Earth aims to increase awareness about the effects of increasing population growth and unsustainable economic growth on people and the planet. Transition Earth programs are oriented around women’s rights and empowerment, youth education, population-health-environment frameworks and global systems change.

Having Kids

Smaller families working together to plan a better future for every child.
“Population growth is caused by poor parenting models that focus on parental choice, rather than including it in a three-sided parenting model that also includes the welfare of future children and the good of the community.”
Formerly Uncrowded

Wilson Center – Environmental Change and Security Program

Since 1994, the Environmental Change and Security Program (ECSP) has explored the connections among environmental, health, and population dynamics and their links to conflict, human insecurity, and foreign policy

Guttmacher Institute

Advancing sexual and reproductive health worldwide through research, policy analysis and public education.


Family Planning and Environmental Sustainability Assessment was initially a project of the (now discontinued) Worldwatch Institute. It asks “What is the evidence that family planning promotes environmental sustainability?”


(Formerly Population Action International)
PAI is a global organization advancing the right to affordable, quality contraception and reproductive health care for every woman, everywhere.

Population Connection

Since 1968, Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth or ZPG) has been America’s voice for population stabilization.

Girls Not Brides

Girls Not Brides is a global partnership of more than 400 civil society organisations committed to ending child marriage and enabling girls to fulfil their potential.

Population and Sustainability Network

PSN is an international network and advocacy organisation that believes that the connections between population dynamics, human health and the environment are intrinsic to sustainable development. It is the international program of the Margaret Pike Trust.

Population and Sustainable Development Alliance

Respecting rights, meeting needs, building resilience. Population and Sustainable Development Alliance (PSDA) is an international network of civil society organisations that work together on population, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and sustainable development issues.

CHASE Africa

CHASE works on the grass-roots level in Kenya by partnering with local community to provide quality family planning and health education.

Women’s Plans Foundation

Women’s Plans Foundation is a charitable trust raising funds for family planning as an integral part of overseas aid programs.

Plan International Australia

The charity for girls’ equality.

Wil Anderson – our kind of person

Wil Anderson understands our issue.

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