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This is unsustainable

The loss of thousands of trees due to massive infrastructure projects as reported in Monday’s Age is yet another reason our high levels of population growth and consumption are unsustainable. Tree planting projects in other places do not compensate for the habitat loss of mature trees. Our cumulative footprint erases those of many other species, unbalancing ecosystems, which …

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Learn by rote

Bob McDonald (Letters, January 4) doesn’t like repetition and criticises Mr Mackenzie for so doing on climate change. Yes, repetition does wear one down, but might Bob’s real motive be disbelief in anthropogenic climate change, in common with those governing Australia? And if so, when ScoMo et al continue repeatedly to evade balanced debate on …

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There’s a growing need for a federal population minister

John Quiggin is one of Australia’s finest economists whom I have admired for a long time. His article (“Can’t we just keep families together?”, December 31, p26), however, exposed that divide between economist and ecologists that he has sometimes bridged, but not on this occasion. Quiggin looks at immigration with his economist blinkers on but …

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: 28 December 2020

Big Australia: how much does size matter?

Tom Dusevic’s article “Does the pandemic mean the end of Big Australia?” (26-27/12) is a fine exploration of Big Australia. It draws on the extensive knowledge and wisdom of Bob Birrell and Katharine Betts, but Dusevic offers his own insightful commentary as well. Gary Banks’s comments on the limited economic advantages of high immigration were …

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: 26 December 2020

A bigger Australia won’t solve ageing bulge (2)

Having fewer babies would be the best gift Australians could give their children. Demographers Peter McDonald and Liz Allen are wrong to say that low fertility shrinks the workforce (“Fertility policy ‘to drive Big Australia’, 23/12). Countries with low fertility don’t have fewer workers, they merely have fewer people unemployed. Countries with rapidly growing working …

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: 24 December 2020

Population cap

Well said, Bob Couch (“Steady numbers”, The Advertiser, Monday). I agree the best thing we need for the future of SA is strict population control. One of the few good things that have come out of the coronavirus pandemic is the fact that we have not significantly increased our population. Let this be a lesson …

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: 21 December 2020

Steady numbers

It is predictable that Property Council of Australia SA executive director Daniel Gannon calls increasing population growth in the state “promising news” (“SA brain drain in reverse”, The Advertiser, Thursday). Well, you would expect him to say that, as he represents the property industry, which will not be happy until there are wall to wall …

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