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MEDIA RELEASES: 20 April 2021

Restoring the earth means ending population growth

MEDIA RELEASE (20/04/2021)   For this year’s Earth Day, Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) has called for an end to population growth nationally and globally as the first critical step towards the restoration of our gravely diminished natural landscapes and biodiversity. “Together, We Can Restore Our Earth” is the theme of the 2021 Earth Day which is …

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EVENTS: 20 April 2021

‘8 billion angels’ world premiere for earth day

Last year,  SPA was honoured to open one of the very first screenings of the over-population documentary “8 Billion Angels” at the Transition Film Festival, Melbourne. For Earth Day 2021,  ‘Billion Angels’  is now enjoying its world premiere launch. Celebrate Earth Day Week for the world premiere of 8 BILLION ANGELS with celebrity naturalist Chris …

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EVENTS: 19 April 2021

SPA Annual General Meeting 2021

The SPA AGM will be held electronically via Zoom link Meeting ID: 884 9871 2408 If joining by phone dial by your location. Find your local number: Attachments: SPAExec AGM 2021 Agenda Ballot questions & explanations for 2021 President report to 2021 AGM Audit_report_for_Dec 2020 for the Sustainable Population 2021-03-05 AGM Treasurer’s report …

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High rise history

Since the 1960s, residents of the North Coast/ Sunshine Coast have said they don’t want the area to become like the Gold Coast. This call continues today despite the moving goal posts. In the 1990s, Maroochy Shire had one of Australia’s highest rates of population growth and many residents called for a population cap. Property …

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VIDEOS: 5 April 2021

“Do we go big” – Sandra Kanck Presents to the McWhirter Foundation

On the 19th of February 2021, Sandra Kanck, National President of Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) was invited to speak to the McWhirter Foundation on the topic: ‘Do we go big, and if so how big is big? What are the implications for the economy, the environment, our cities, our regions and for us?” Sandra was …

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VIDEOS: 3 April 2021
Ageing Discussion Papaer

Silver tsunami or silver lining?…

…Why we should not fear an ageing population. “The good news about population ageing – not fewer workers, just fewer unemployed – savings on infrastructure outweigh spending on the elderly – longer lives are healthier lives – fewer people means more wildlife and lower emissions.”     Sustainable Population Australia has launched a brand new …

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NEWS: 2 April 2021

First nation perspective on population and migration policy on post-growth Australia podcast

Professor Anne Poelina, Chair of the Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council and a Nyikina Warrwa Traditional Owner,  talks with SPA’s communication manager Michael Bayliss on the latest episode of PGAP.  The interview can be played below.     Prof.  Poelina is a custodian of her family’s connection to Mardoowarra, at the lower end of …

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NEWS: 28 March 2021

SPA in the media to respond to australia’s population slowdown

SPA national president Sandra Kanck was invited for interview on Afternoons with James Valentine, ABC Sydney Radio, on 25th March 2001. The Segment was titled “Australia’s population has shrunk. What is the ideal population for this country?”  A week prior, ABC Sydney interviewed Dr Liz Allen who raised concerns of Australia’s population slow down on …

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MEDIA RELEASES: 28 March 2021

Population growth slowdown is welcome

Sustainable Population Australia MEDIA RELEASE (28/03/2021) Population growth slowdown is welcome: SPA   The slowing of Australia’s population growth is a welcome development, according to Sustainable Population Australia (SPA). SPA National President, Hon. Sandra Kanck, says that the slowdown is a chance to change course from the high population growth, ‘Big Australia’ path of the …

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VIDEOS: 22 March 2021

Bindi Irwin’s original un-edited essay regarding overpopulation

In 2013, 14-year-old wildlife campaigner Bindi Irwin was invited by Hillary Clinton to write an article for Hillary’s e-Journal on why she had chosen to devote her life’s work to wildlife conservation. She wrote about needing to end population growth. But when Hillary’s team sent back the proofs, they’d edited out those parts. So Bindi …

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