Vision: A relationship between people and the biophysical environment in which the human population size and its ecological footprint are well within planetary boundaries and national carrying capacities, such that both universal human wellbeing and resilient, fully-diverse, and functional ecosystems are permanently sustained at global and bioregional scales.

Mission: To establish Australia as a global model of, and to assist other nations toward, a sustainable ecological life-support system, retention of species diversity and human wellbeing, by influencing public debate and policy with particular emphasis on population size.

Objectives: The Association exists to pursue the following objectives:

  • To contribute to the public awareness of the limits of Australian population growth from ecological, social and economic viewpoints.
  • To promote awareness that the survival of an ecologically sustainable population depends in the long-term on its renewable resource base.
  • To promote policies that will lead to the stabilisation, and then to reduction, of Australia’s population by encouraging low fertility and low migration.
  • To promote urban and rural life-styles and practices that are in harmony with the realities of the Australian environment, its resource base and its biodiversity.
  • To support measures, campaigns and institutional reforms designed to more strongly protect Australia’s natural environment.
  • To advocate low immigration rates while rejecting any selection of immigrants based on race, ethnicity or religion.
  • To promote policies that will lead to stabilisation, and then to reduction, of global population size, while rejecting involuntary population control.
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