Vision: A relationship between people and the environment in which the human population stays within planetary boundaries.

Mission: To establish Australia as a model of a sustainable environment that protects species and human wellbeing with emphasis on population size.


  • Contribute to the public awareness of the limits of Australian population from ecological, social and economic viewpoints.
  • Promote awareness that an ecologically sustainable population depends on its renewable resources.
  • Promote low fertility and low migration policies to stabilise then reduce Australia’s population.
  • Advocate low immigration while rejecting any criteria based on race, ethnicity or religion.
  • Promote policies to stabilise then reduce global population while rejecting involuntary population control.

This statement (PDF) outlines SPA’s policies and lays out the scientific facts and moral principles that guide SPA’s position. It explains:

  • Why it is necessary to end to population growth
  • How this can be done fairly and without discrimination
  • How to achieve an ecologically sustainable population immigration for Australia
  • Practical government policies towards a stable and sustainable population
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