Students wanting to learn about population issues can find information on all of our Population Issues pages.  For more about population in current affairs, see our media releases and letters to the editor pages.  See our videos page for interviews, documentaries and animations.

The Case Against High Levels of Immigration  is a paper written by science writer and SPA South Australian branch president Peter Martin.  Written in November 2022,  this paper presents a concise argument in favour of stable or smaller population for Australia.

We also have some specific student resources:

Conservation through having Smaller Families (PDF), is a booklet written in comic book form.   Reading and comprehension time about 15 minutes.

A Discussion Guide (DOC) to accompany the above booklet, ready for teachers to run off multiple copies. Discussion time about 30 minutes.

A semi ‘animation’ on YouTube of the three sections of the above booklet, which seeks to link population, the economy and science together.  A link to the video can also be found among our select videos here

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