1 November 2021

SPA newsletter 145 – November 2021

With the Glasgow COP26 talks starting this week, climate is not forgotten with the front page editorial and first Opinion article focussing on the issue. Three other important Opinion articles follow as well as two book reviews, one on the Malay archipelago and the other on ecoagriculture. Then we have branch reports including an obituary …

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1 August 2021

SPA newsletter 144 – August 2021

In this issue you can read: a front page story about Limits to Growth and how we’re on track for collapse; six very fine Opinion articles; news and SPA news including an obituary for Valerie Yule; branch news as always and the Communication Manager’s report. Book reviews have been held over until the next issue. …

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1 May 2021

SPA Newsletter 143 – May 2021

Highlights: Lead article: Humans and the loss of biodiversity Why immigration can never offset population ageing Overpopulation: cause and effect Newsletter 143, May 2021 (PDF)

6 February 2021

SPA Newsletter 142 – February 2021

Highlights: Lead article: Commanding hope in the face of a ‘ghastly future’ The Budget confirms Morrison wants to reboot mass migration by Stephen Saunder My choice to go child-free for the sake of all life by Sally Tan A tribute to Dr Jane O’Sullivan, who stepped down as Queensland branch president after 10 years but …

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29 November 2020

SPA newsletter 141 – November 2020

Highlights: SPA launches report on ageing Bob Brown is right – it’s time environmentalists talked about the population problem (Colin Butler) The urgent need for family planning (Hamish Burns) Letter to SPA (Julian Cribb) New research report from TAPRI There were getting to be too many of us (Judith Sloan) Black lives matter (Kelvin Thomson) …

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7 August 2020

SPA newsletter 140 – August 2020

In this newsletter you will find a front-page story about plummeting immigration in light of the Covid-19 pandemic; an opinion article by Club of Rome’s Dennis Meadows on the future degrowth of populations, resource use and energy; a response by Jane O’Sullivan to the recent Lancet study on global population projections; Crispin Hull on a …

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3 May 2020

SPA newsletter 139 – May 2020

In this newsletter you will find: As the coronavirus crisis dominates our lives, this issue appropriately covers three articles on COVID-19; another on taking a more nuanced approach when dealing with population; Bill McKibben commemorating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day; a summary of the population aspects on the first report by the Commission on …

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7 February 2020

SPA newsletter 138 – February 2020

Highlights: An article on population growth and bushfires Opinion articles by Richard Eckersley, Abigail Weinberg, and Jane O’Sullivan et al. Two proposals that SPA is supporting A report on the launch of SPA’s discussion paper on infrastructure A report on John Coulter winning a lifetime achiever award Book reviews of Growth by Vaclav Smil and …

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1 November 2019

SPA newsletter 137 – November 2019

This newsletter contains two exciting announcements. First, SPA has been given the rights to hold the Fenner Conference on Environment next year, on the subject “Making Australian agriculture sustainable”. Second, Bob Carr will launch the first of SPA-commissioned reports – this one on Infrastructure – on 26 November in Sydney. The newsletter has two opinion …

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26 July 2019

SPA newsletter 136 – August 2019

In this issue, we take a more international approach and focus on family planning. You will find a front page article about Earth Overshoot Day being three days earlier this year, on 29 July. There are Opinion articles from Malcolm Potts and Alisha Graves, Patricia Derer and Joe Guzzardi; abstracts of two important papers; a …

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