1 August 2023

SPA newsletter 152 – August 2023

In this issue you will find a front page article questioning why the government is ignoring numerous surveys that show Australians want less immigration and lower population growth. There are three Opinion articles; two on Big Australia and another on the need for a common agenda as we try and accommodate millions more people in …

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1 May 2023

SPA newsletter 151 – May 2023

In this newsletter you will find a front page article about India passing China as the most populous nation; an Opinion article by Crispin Hull on how high immigration levels are an assault on our living standards; another from Richard Heinberg on why population decline and economic slowdown are not necessarily a bad thing; an …

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30 January 2023

SPA newsletter 150 – February 2023

Here’s the latest newsletter. In it you will find a front page editorial about the current review and parliamentary inquiry into migration; Opinion articles by John Coulter and Crispin Hull; a book review of “How to Fix a Broken Planet” by Julian Cribb; an obituary of Haydn Washington; a campaign update by Michael Bayliss; his …

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1 November 2022

SPA newsletter 149 – November 2022

Dear SPA supporters   In this newsletter you will find a front page article about 8 Billion Day on November 15 that includes an excellent speech by Tony Zappia MP made in federal Parliament in September. There are also articles by Ian Lowe and Stephen Williams, originally published in The Saturday Paper and Pearls and …

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1 August 2022

SPA newsletter 148 – August 2022

In this issue you will find a front page editorial on the State of Environment Report 2021, released on 19 July. There are four opinion articles: by Sue Arnold, Crispin Hull, Nandita Baja and Michael Bayliss. You will also find reports by our communications officer and from our branches. We have a new section on …

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4 May 2022

SPA newsletter 147 – May 2022

In this issue you will find a report on the recent Fenner Conference on sustainable agriculture including the closing address by our Patron Ian Lowe. You will also find an article on how cities are rapidly encroaching on the Earth’s biodiversity republished from the PNAS journal. There are two book reviews: one on the biography …

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1 February 2022

SPA newsletter 146 – February 2022

In this issue please find: confirmation that the Fenner conference will go ahead in March; opinion articles by Oliver Howes, David Shearman, Jeffrey and Belinda Lewis, and Nandita Bajaj; a farewell to three great conservationists who died recently: EO Wilson, Tom Lovejoy and Richard Leakey; a book review of Paul Collins’ The Depopulation Imperative; notice …

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1 November 2021

SPA newsletter 145 – November 2021

With the Glasgow COP26 talks starting this week, climate is not forgotten with the front page editorial and first Opinion article focussing on the issue. Three other important Opinion articles follow as well as two book reviews, one on the Malay archipelago and the other on ecoagriculture. Then we have branch reports including an obituary …

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1 August 2021

SPA newsletter 144 – August 2021

In this issue you can read: a front page story about Limits to Growth and how we’re on track for collapse; six very fine Opinion articles; news and SPA news including an obituary for Valerie Yule; branch news as always and the Communication Manager’s report. Book reviews have been held over until the next issue. …

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1 May 2021

SPA Newsletter 143 – May 2021

Highlights: Lead article: Humans and the loss of biodiversity Why immigration can never offset population ageing Overpopulation: cause and effect Newsletter 143, May 2021 (PDF)

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