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Including: Dick Smith, Kelvin Thompson, Professor Steve Keen,  Emeritus Professor Ian Lowe,  Leith van Onselen, Mark Diesendorf, Dr Geoff Mosely, as well as thousands of ordinary concerned Australians from all parts of the country, and from all walks of life.


Position Statement on Population

“We take the position that there is a fundamental  conflict between population growth and environmental protection, a sustainable economy, and the health and well-being of our people.

While SPA rejects wasteful over-consumption, we do believe that all Australians deserve at least a modestly comfortable lifestyle. But this comes with an ecological price-tag which limits the numbers we can sustainably support without degrading our resources and ecosystems. Australia has now exceeded those numbers.

In the best interests of our land and people, the SPA position calls for a stabilised Australian population, maintained safely within ecological limits.”


– SPA strongly and unequivocally denounces racism. Our population position is purely about numbers and lifestyles, and how they combine to impact our long-term ecological responsibilities.

– SPA believes Australia should lead by example on the global stage, being generous in its assistance to those in need, both financially and through the sharing of knowledge.

Read our full “Population Position and Policy Statement” HERE.

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Are you keen to further help SPA to say NO to a Big Australia?  Here are a few things you can do.

WRITE AN EMAIL to your Federal MP on the housing crisis:   Our DoGooder letter campaign makes writing to the politicans easy.  We have provided a pro-forma letter which you can edit,  and the program automates everything else,  so you don’t have to go looking for your MP’s email address.

MAKE A DONATION.: SPA is the only Australian environmental charity dedicated to addressing the impact of overpopulation, both domestically and globally.  Campaigns are costly to run and we are up against a very well resourced growth lobby.  Only with backing from the community can be cut through on this criticial issue.

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