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Our campaign plan is simple- we get enough signatures on our Position Statement to demonstrate the anger the Australian people are feeling about the unmandated Big Australia/mass immigration population agenda being imposed on our country.

We then use force of numbers to gain media opportunities for our representatives, and to influence politicians.

Our demands:

1.     Reduce Australia’s Net Overseas Migration (NOM) to 60-70kpa.
2.     Stabilise Australia’s population below 30 million (to give everything time to catch up).


Immigration settings

We are resisting the growing call to “shut the immigration gate” (although we do understand the public anger amid a housing crisis) and instead advocate a carefully considered trajectory that will avoid unnecessary economic shock and deliver a population stabilisation “soft landing”.

The below graph shows that, at current fertility rates. Australia can maintain an annual net migrant intake (net overseas migration or NOM, defined as total immigration minus emigration) of between 60,000 and 70,000, while gently coasting toward stabilisation below 30 million.

At present, births still exceed deaths by around 100kpa*. These natural population increases will continue for some 20 years. But this growth will slow as the ageing demographic moves through (a perfectly natural and manageable process in any healthy transition toward balance and stability) and we shift toward balance.

* source: Centre for Population

Source: Dr Jane O’Sullivan


Why us?

Quite simply because we’ve been tackling the population issue for nearly 40 years. We have the expertise, the knowledge, and the academic credibility to best present the case AGAINST a big population and FOR a stabilised population- from both the economic and ecological perspectives.

Also, to be quite honest, we are the only non-political organisation which has consistently demonstrated the willingness and courage to take on the population issue in Australia.

What can you do?

Let’s be real, we are up against the big guns here- big money entrenched interests. There’s only one way we can win, and that’s “people power”. We’re not a huge organisation so that means we need you to work with us… yes, YOU not “somebody else”.

The first action is to sign our Position Statement, but that’s just the beginning. We ask you to think who else you know who might sign- family, friends, work colleagues, community groups… anyone you can think of. If everyone who signs brings 3 more to the table, we’re in business!

Follow us on social media (links below). Comment, post, repost, tag in others, link our Position Statement into comments wherever appropriate. Use #NoBigAustralia everywhere and link to our position statement often.

We have flyers to distribute. Order anywhere from 50 up. Hand them out, letterbox or just keep a few on hand. Email us (link below) if you’re interested in doing this for us.

Please send a quick and easy email to your local Lower House Federal MP to let them know that the housing affordability crisis is largely driven by rapid population growth. All emails copied to the Housing Minister Julie Collins.

A Final Word

This year really is make or break time for our country. Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) firmly believes we must slash immigration and set levels such that our population will stabilise below 30 million. Yes, it can still be done, but only if the public mobilise NOW, and apply enough pressure to counter the business lobby’s push for millions more in the coming decade!


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