Andrew Verlei

Volunteer /
National Membership Officer


Andrew has held the volunteer role of National Membership Officer since 2015. He learnt of SPA’s existence when reading the Letters page from Melbourne’s Age newspaper in the late 90’s; the Victorian Branch President had their population-related letter printed and it resonated with him so much he joined up immediately! When SPA’s call went out in 2015 for a new Membership Officer he could step up, exploiting his IT skills and getting more involved with SPA.

He loves the outdoors, travelling and DIY, but spends a lot of his spare time these days on social media countering Big Australia enthusiasts and trying to raise awareness of the environmental and social considerations of mass immigration and population growth in Australia and beyond. He is also a passionate animal lover and supports several animal welfare and environmental organisations as well as SPA.

He holds IT-related under-graduate and Master’s levels degrees and an MBA.


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