8 June 2009

Australia continues to experience high population growth (08)

In the same period, Western Australia continued to record the fastest population growth at 3.1%, followed by Queensland (2.5%), the Northern Territory (2.0%), Victoria (1.9%), the Australian Capital Territory (1.7%), New South Wales (1.4%), South Australia (1.2%) and Tasmania (1.0%).
Queensland and Western Australia gained the most people through net interstate migration from the other states and territories (21,200 and 6,300 people respectively). The states that lost people to interstate migration were New South Wales (down 22,700), South Australia (down 5,200) and Victoria (down 1,000).
During December quarter 2008 the population of Tasmania reached 500,000 people. As at 31 December 2008, the population of each State and Territory was:
New South Wales 7,041,000;
Western Australia 2,204,000;
Victoria 5,365,000;
Tasmania 500,300;
Queensland 4,350,000;
Northern Territory 221,700;
South Australia 1,612,000;
Australian Capital Territory 347,800.
For population estimates at the regional level please see Regional Population Growth, Australia, 2007-08 (cat. no. 3218.0).
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