10 April 2010

Australians reject kevin Rudd’s big Australia – 08/04/10

“The Lowy Institute survey confirms what the Coalition has repeatedly highlighted, that Australians have serious concerns about Kevin Rudd’s notion of a big Australia with 36 million people by 2050,” Mr Morrison said.

“The Coalition is committed to a sustainable population growth path for Australia that meets the needs of our economy and maintains our quality of life. This view is clearly shared by the vast majority of Australians, according to the Lowy survey, who accept the need for growth, but not at any cost,” he said.

“At present, net overseas migration is running at an annual rate of 300,000 per year. This is 120,000 more than what is forecast for Kevin Rudd’s big Australia population of 36 million. Kevin Rudd and Tony Burke must detail how they will get population growth back to at least the levels consistent with their 36 million plan.

“Beyond this point the Coalition believes we need to have a sensible debate about what further changes are needed to put Australia on a growth path that is sustainable for all Australians, today and in the future.

“Unlike Labor, the Coalition believes a national debate on population is necessary in ensuring our future population growth is sustainable.

“Tony Burke has become Kevin Rudd’s Minister for Overpopulation, tasked to tell Australians why Kevin Rudd’s policy of 36 million people per year by 2050 is good for them.

“Kevin Rudd has promised a plan for a plan after the next election and is asking Australians to take him on trust but how are Australians supposed to trust him on the future population of Australia when he can’t even manage the population on Christmas Island and keep control of our borders.

“If Kevin Rudd was serious about population growth he would have agreed to the proposal for a national independent inquiry into sustainable population growth and it would already be on the COAG agenda. He has done neither,” Mr Morrison said.


To download a copy of the Lowy Institute Research, click here.

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