1 November 2022

8 Billion Day facts and myths: A guide to the 8 billion global population milestone on 15 November



The United Nations predicts 15 November 2022 to be the day that the world population reaches eight billion.

To mark this important milestone and to aid well-informed discussion, Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) has released a new Briefing Note: “8 Billion Day facts and myths”, which can be read in full here.

Prepared by widely-published population researcher Dr Jane O’Sullivan, the Briefing Note addresses topics such as:

  • Is world population growth slowing down?
  • When will world population growth peak?
  • Are ageing and depopulation now the main demographic challenge?
  • Are concerns about population growth contrary to equity and human rights?
  • What is the role of population growth in rising trends of famine and conflict?
  • What is the relationship between climate change and population growth?
  • Do voluntary family planning programs reduce poverty and aid economic development?

The Briefing Note includes links to detailed sources for further analysis of these and other questions.

Visit the “8 Billion Day facts and myths” briefing note page here.  You can read the briefing note as a PDF here
Want to find out more?  Our past briefing notes can be found here,  our discussion papers here.

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