10 February 2014

The ethics of migration

SPA presents a Symposium on


The Ethics of Migration


1.30 – 5pm, Saturday 5 April 2014


Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, 15 Blackall Street, Barton ACT



$5 entry fee (pay at door) – afternoon tea provided




    • Retired Anglican Bishop George Browning


    • Former Australian Democrats leader Dr John Coulter


    • Theologian, author and broadcaster Dr Paul Collins


    • Founder of Australia 21 and SEE-Change, Em Professor Bob Douglas


    • Authority on climate and health, Em Professor Tony McMichael


    • Philosopher, Assoc. Professor William Grey of Univ. of Queensland



For some time now, debate in Australia has centred on asylum seekers but not on the wider migration program.  All over the world, people move to other countries for many reasons: to seek better economic opportunities, to reunite with family members, to study, and so on. Some migrants are permanent; some are temporary.  Yet in the debate so far, important aspects of migration have been ignored, not least the environmental impact of additional population on the host country. Now we face the prospect of thousands, if not millions, of climate refugees converging on our shores in the coming decades. How do we manage conflicting responsibilities to other humans and to other species?


Further information: Jenny Goldie president@population.org.au


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