2 April 2021

First nation perspective on population and migration policy on post-growth Australia podcast

Professor Anne Poelina, Chair of the Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council and a Nyikina Warrwa Traditional Owner,  talks with SPA’s communication manager Michael Bayliss on the latest episode of PGAP.  The interview can be played below.



Anne Poelina


Prof.  Poelina is a custodian of her family’s connection to Mardoowarra, at the lower end of the Fitzroy River.  Anne encourages observation and practice of Indigenous ‘First Law’ – the first Australian law embodied the rules for living in coexistence with nature.  By practice of the first law, Anne believes it is possible to transition from a culture of invasive development and exploitation to an entrepreneurial culture of care and custodianship.



PGAP Anne Poelina


Prof.  Poelina also holds a firm view in regards to population and migration policy in Australia.  She shares close ties with former MP Kelvin Thomson. She is also an advocate for Sustainable Australia Party.  In this very special episode of PGAP,  Anne shares her perspective on population.  We would like to thank Anne for taking the time to share her wisdom with us.   We also pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging.


A link to Post-Growth Australia Podcast (PGAP)  can be found here.  You may also be interested in our interviews with other population advocates. These include Kelvin Thomson,  Dr Cameron Murray, Leith van Onselen and Karen Shragg.


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