16 September 2011


This is the revised 2nd edition of a book that has helped spark a huge debate on Australia’s population. Much has changed since the first edition (now sold out) emerged less than a year ago — hence this revised edition. The new edition also refers readers to a web-page https://population.org.au/index.php/media/overloading-australia where statistics and news of the population debate will be continuously updated.

The book has been endorsed by Robert Birrell, Director of the Monash University Population Centre, as “the most informed and accessible analysis of the implications of Australia’s high rate of population growth available.”

In just 12 months, Australia‚s annual population growth has jumped from 1.6% to 2.1%, a rate at which we would pass 100 million Australians before the end of this century if thirst and famine did not intervene. The public debate has also changed. The absurdity of hoping to restrain Australia’s emissions “footprint” while adding ever more “feet” has become evident; and MP Kelvin Thomson has begun to speak out. Treasury Secretary Ken Henry has remarked that he personally is profoundly pessimistic about our ability to sustain even 35 million without major environmental damage; yet the PM has branded himself a “big Australia” man. Letters-to-the-editor columns are awash with protests at Australia‚s population growth and the resulting deterioration of our cities.

When Business and Property Councils demand immigration and baby bonuses, many assume that they speak for all business folk. Dick Smith begs to differ. In launching this book he will speak about how he came to realise he had been misled about our need for ever higher populations, and why he believes Overloading Australia shows the path to a more liveable Australia for our children and grandchildren.

Co-author Mark O‚Connor will also be present.

The book, published by EnviroBook, Sydney is available for $19.95. For responses to it, see http://www.australianpoet.com/overloading.html

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