23 August 2022

Jobs Summit: Make your voice heard

Increased immigration won’t fix jobs and skills

Make your voice heard and demand our politicians do not put us back on the road of high population growth with all its pressures the environment, congestion and housing affordability. Demand that the government not ramp up immigration to the red-hot levels (200,000+) we had before the pandemic  Please read on for simple actions you can take.



The Federal Government will be holding the ‘Jobs and Skills Summit’ from the 1-2 September at Parliament House Canberra.   Business lobby groups are pushing for the permanent migration intake to be lifted to at least 200,000 for the next two years.

SPA has made a submission about the summit to Treasurer Jim Chalmers. We have also issued a media release.



Can you spare a couple of minutes and email or phone your federal MP and senators, and also Treasurer Jim Chalmers? We need to deliver a clear message:   the Australian people do not want to return to former high levels of economic migration.  Population growth is a lazy way to grow the economy and in the long run creates more problems than it solves.

Please also express support for the SPA submission and you are welcome to copy and paste any of the content from the submission or release in your letter or phone call.

You may also like to remind your representative that opinion polls demonstrate a clear majority of Australians do not want a bigger Australia (see for example here).



You can find your representatives easily by visiting this link to search by postcode.

You can also copy and paste your message, or cc your email to the relevant ministers as follows, using these email details:

Feel free to contact any other leaders of influence that you may know. For example, it would be worth contacting the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU): phone 1300 486 466 or email help@actu.org.au.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more ideas or assistance in preparing for your letter or phone call to your MP at media@population.org.au  and forward us any responses you may receive.


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