14 June 2012

Joint international position statement on population

Lat last year Population Matters (www.populationmatters.org) issued a Joint International Position Statement on Population to which SPA is a signatory, that succinctly summs up the position of the world’s population now and recommends that “that the United Nations and intergovernmental organisations, governments, and non-governmental environment and development bodies” do the following:


A. Recognise and acknowledge the factual truth of these statements.

B. Support, fund or ensure universal access to family planning information and services worldwide, as agreed at the 1994 Cairo Conference and in Millennium Development Goal 5 for 2015.

C. Support, fund or ensure women’s education and empowerment, giving them control of their own fertility.

D. Adopt non-coercive policies to stabilise or reduce populations at or to sustainable levels, including planning for an ageing population.

E. Take firm measures, especially in high-consuming regions, to reduce per capita resource depletion and environmental degradation.


The full document is attached below.

Joint Statement Graph 30 Nov 2011

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