16 September 2011

Kelvin Thomson joins population roll of honour

Sustainable Population Australia


MEDIA RELEASE 18th August, 2009




Kelvin Thomson’s brilliant speech on population in Federal Parliament last night allows him to be placed on an Australian honour roll of politicians who understand the detrimental impacts of population growth, according to Sustainable Population Australia Inc (SPA).


SPA’s national president, Sandra Kanck, says this honour roll also includes former Queensland Sustainability Minister Andrew McNamara as well as two South Australian politicians: independent Member for Fisher, Bob Such, and the Liberal Member for Mackillop, Mitch Williams.


“But they are so few. The great majority of other MPs, state and federal, are ignoring the elephant in the room when it comes to this vital issue.


“This small number of courageous people recognise that continued population growth exacerbates manifold problems,” says Ms Kanck. “Kelvin Thomson eloquently spelt out what they were: global warming; food crisis; water shortages; housing unaffordability; overcrowded cities; traffic congestion, species extinctions; fisheries collapse; increasing prices; waste; and terrorism and war.”


Ms Kanck says SPA wholeheartedly supports Mr Thomson’s call to stabilise world population, as well as Australia’s.


“He rightly said ‘especially’ here in dry, arid Australia,” says Ms Kanck. “Under climate change, the southern half of the continent is getting even drier and more arid. Our carrying capacity is diminishing by the month. This is not a continent that can sustain further population growth.”


Further comment: Sandra Kanck 08 8336 4114


Kelvin Thomson is the Labor Member for the seat of Wills.



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