3 November 2011

Kris Spike in the Newcastle Herald

SPA NSW President, Kris Spike, has had an article published in the Newcastle Herald on the 29th of October entitled Control births, feed and teach the living.

The problem is people and the solution is money for family planning programs, writes Kris Spike. Kris Spike is the NSW branch president of Sustainable Population Australia. On Monday we will mark the entry into the world of the seventh billionth person. In reality it may have been a few days ago or be coming up next week, but for the purposes of marking the occasion it makes sense to pick the most likely day and run with it.

Naturally the event will spark a host of conversations and questions all over the world, and responses will range from concern to celebration to indifference.

Many people just won’t be sure what to make of it as they listen to one expert telling us that we have the capacity for double that number and another equally qualified expert telling us that we should have stopped at 2 billion because that is all the Earth can sustain in the long run.


Article Publication: Newcastle Herald
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