23 July 2022

SPA’s letter to federal politicians: resist pressure for sky-high population growth

Federal parliament is set to resume, and with a change of government. The business lobby is pushing hard to ramp up immigration to unprecedented levels, spruiking permanent migration targets of 220,000.  Now is the time to send a strong message to our federal MPs and Senators: please do not return us to the old days (pre-Covid) of having one of the highest population growth rates in the OECD.

We need to say no to more stress on housing, infrastructure and the environment; no to more flooding of the labour market to keep wages low.  We all know the tricks of the growth lobby, making extreme ambit claims about skills shortages.

Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) has written to all federal politicians to introduce ourselves and to make the case for keeping Australia’s population below 30 million. You can read our letter here. You may wish to follow up by contacting your own MP or senator to express concern about moves to boost population growth, and to also put in a good word for the work that SPA is doing.

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