Developer support is disappointing

I am accustomed to the property sector spruiking its own interests, but it is another thing again when an AFR View claims that property interests are nothing less than the national interest (‘‘Property’s part in Australia getting back to normal,’’ December 1).

Undoubtedly population growth (high migration) is good for the property business. The urban property growth machine voraciously chews up natural habitat and scarce agricultural land for housing a growing population. But for how long can this go on, and at what cost to quality of life and ecological sustainability?

Harry Triguboff is already on record as saying Sydney has too many forests and parks that would be better as prime real estate. Your editorial’s celebration of a property developer’s ranking on the Financial Review’s Rich List is indicative of the values that are on show here. The Big Australia vision is reduced to nothing more than special pleading that ‘‘returns to investment should be higher here’’.  This is a triumph of the pecuniary mindset over other perspectives that value sustainability, limits to growth, natural landscapes and wild nature.

Peter Cook Australian Financial Review (AFR) 7 December 2021

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