Future no mystery

Had I not known one of its members I would never have heard of the Commission for the Human Future (CHF) until I read the report “Australia’s current crises warning of what’s to come” (September 20, p10). The CHF has an (extremely) low profile despite any one of the 10 listed threats to the welfare or survival of humanity being a globally important, if not existential issue.

Perhaps there should be an addition to threat number five (pollution): the solid waste that threatens to engulf our cities and physically pollute large nearby areas of arable land. I would decline to nominate just one of the 10 listed threats as being the most important, partly because they are all important and partly because many are interrelated. However, as I see it, item four (global warming, etc.) and item three (population growth and demand) together represent the greatest and most pervasive threat to humanity.

Our governments should act accordingly.

Douglas Mackenzie Canberra Times 27 September 2020

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